Tuesday, September 21, 2021
lilac short hairstyles

15 Lilac Short Hairstyles 2021

Purple hair is the choice of creative people, which is why the color is popular not only among representatives of show business (Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Ireland Baldwin), but also among girls...
low maintenance shaggy haircut with bangs

20 Short Shag Haircuts 2022

What is a Shag Haircut? Result Shag hairstyles are about retro and rock music. With wavy ends, messy layers around the crown, fantastic volume and plenty of texture, shag hairstyles are messy, casual, and visually effortless. Shags...
Short Haircuts For All Ladies Should Try In 2018

Short Haircuts For All Ladies Should Try In 2021

Here is a gallery of best haircut trends you should try in 2018. All you need is to look at the gallery and get inspired from these numerous ideas. Have a nice time with...

Back to the 90s with pixelated hair fashion!

Pixel hair trend! Colored pixel hair is slowly taking over social media right now! Let's take a closer look at this hair trend that we have just started to discover? Then we go! What is...
medium length layered beach waves

20 Beach Waves for Women with Short Hair in 2022

Short hairstyles can look quite feminine, even if someone thinks differently. The main thing is to choose the right shape of the haircut, taking into account the peculiarities of the appearance. Some people believe...
Short Hairstyles Inspirations For 2019

Short Hairstyles Inspirations For 2021

Here you are! Looking for new short hairstyles to get some inspiration from them. Here are some ideas to help you. Have fun!
Chubby face shaggy short hair

20 Short Shag Hairstyles in 2022

For girls, the decisive moment in the image is the hair. Therefore, the haircut and hairstyle are chosen with great care. Some categories of girls choose short hair. It is gorgeous and suits many...
Short bob with curtain bangs 2021

15 Curtain Bangs on Short Hair for 2021

At the stage of growing the standard bangs, there comes a point when the front strands are already quite long, but they still cannot be collected in a ponytail. Let's stop here because this...

Everything You Need To Know About Ashy Gray Hair Color!

We're taking a closer look at the ashy gray hair color! Gray tones are one of the most assertive hair colors in our latest lives. Use as an alternative to light hair colors, ashy...
Aesthetic Blue Short Hair

15 Aesthetic Blue Short Hair 2021

Does life have a little drive and everything seems too mundane? It means that the time has come to change something in yourself. You can start small - looks. For example, why not try...