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20 Newest Demi Lovato Haircuts in 2022

Demi Lovato Haircuts

It is unlikely that you will find another girl who changes her hair color just as often. What shade of the singer’s curls do you like more?

Like Britney, Demi was part of the Disney team, and like her, the hair side has evolved a lot. If at her beginnings, she presents rather wise cuts and remains rather faithful to the nature of her slightly curly hair and her natural brown, over the course of her success, Demi changes color. After a blond brown, it evolves more and more towards dark shades to finish with a raven black. In terms of length, the young Demi prefers them long, straight bangs and then gradually tapers her lengths and her bangs. Nothing really bad after all.


medium length demi lovato hairstyles short demi lovato hairstyles

However, in 2008, the good-looking little girl was over, we feel that the missis emancipating! Little by little, she tries her hand at long wavy hair, and even with English curls! These added lengths will however cause him some technical problems such as a certain loss of extensions on stage!


Wonderful coloring with the effect of the strands burnt out from the face refreshed the image of the singer and was incredibly suitable for her.

bob demi lovato short hair

Soon, Demi increased her curls and added a reddish tint to them. With them, the girl looks older but still wonderful.

choppy demi lovato short hair


The singer did not change this color at the beginning of next year either.

shoulder length demi lovato short hair

Having grown her hair pretty much (attention: it reaches Demi’s shoulders!), The girl succumbed to fashion and dyed her hair in the actual honey color that year.

confident demi lovato short hair

Well, here it is already not far from the blonde. A chance Demi couldn’t help but take advantage of.

confident demi lovato

Voila – and the burning brunette turns into a platinum blonde. The haircut is beautiful, but the hair color is still too much, Demi.

demi lovato camp rock



Well – what was to be expected – now we are stubbornly growing bangs ?

layered demi lovato short hair

Demi does not give up and tints the roots, deciding to still be blonde. The singer definitely likes the blonde hair color.

demi lovato short haircut

The advantage of all blondes over brunettes is that wheat, white, and light blond hair is perfectly dyed in bright colors. And Demi is right there – chooses a deep blue. We like!

demi lovato concert 2015

The singer takes purple strands to freshen it up. And quite successfully.

bob demi lovato hair


This year, Demi cut her hair and dyed the ends a red and raspberry shade. But, apparently, something went wrong, because the singer did not go through it for long.

pixie cut demi lovato short hair demi lovato pixie cut

She soon returned to her natural dark brown color, leaving the ends of her hair bleached.

demi lovato short hair 2020

Then Demi got bored with a short haircut, and the girl grew long blonde strands, thus becoming the owner of the fashionable “degrade” coloring.

demi lovato hair 2021

But Demi wouldn’t be herself if she hadn’t decided to improve it by adding a purple tone to the bleached strands.

demi lovato pink hair



Last year, the girl returned to her natural dark hair color by making it deeper with black dye. It still arrives there. How long? Something tells us that … 🙂

demi lovato haircut 2020

In one of her interviews, Demi explained such a frequent change in hair color with bipolar disorder. Apparently, changes in appearance help the girl to overcome her bad mood. If so, then we are not sorry for the singer’s hair. Let him paint them as much as you like, not forgetting to restore the curls with masks, oils, and serums.



demi lovato 2021


demi lovato hair 2017 demi lovato 2017 hair



Demi Lovato 2018



demi lovato 2019 haircut



demi lovato long hair


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