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Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Older Women

It is psychologically important for a woman of any age to look attractive and even irresistible. Modern ladies and the global beauty industry are making a lot of efforts to push back the withering age as far as possible, and are achieving tremendous success in this. However, there are certain characteristics that distinguish an adult woman from a young girl. And this is not only, as it may seem, wrinkles and gray hair. It is also a more confident look, life experience, a developed sense of style. The age of elegance – this is how stylists and fashion designers today call the period in which a woman acquires her own unique style.


One of the main aspects of elegance is the ability to choose an image that suits your appearance, character, and age. And the hairstyle for a woman in this matter plays a primary role.

short hairstyles for over 50


A woman’s hair also largely reacts to changes in hormonal levels. They become thinner, become brittle, and lose their natural brightness of color. Maintaining the proper condition of the hair becomes more difficult, therefore, older ladies always prioritize short haircuts that are easier to care for.


However, this does not mean that you need to adhere to this rule if you have naturally thick long hair.

The myth that short haircuts will certainly rejuvenate has long been dispelled by modern hairdressers-stylists – on long and medium length hair, you can do amazingly elegant hairstyles that are suitable for age and face type. The main thing is thorough care, appropriate for the hair type.

But if the hair has been constantly dyed during its life or was naturally thin, in old age it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid even greater thinning and, what is even more sad, hair loss.

In this case, you should give up long curls and choose a stylish version of a shorter haircut that suits the image and character of the woman.

short hair style


By mature age, every woman already knows the features and structure of her hair and is unlikely to dare to radically change her image, although this option is not excluded. As a rule, the age of elegance presupposes classic hairstyles, simple and even strict haircuts. But they can also be diversified with different styles, without denying yourself a change of image for one occasion or another.

The types of haircuts are very versatile, and hairdressers always have something to offer women in old age. The main plus of any professional haircut is that it is just the basis for creating various hairstyles.

For short hair

Short and ultra-short haircuts are the best option for problem hair. With the help of a short length, you can hide many defects of the hair, such as thinness and split ends, quick greasing, increased hair loss.

medium short haircuts for women


Timeless classics for any age, able to emphasize the individual characteristics of its owner. Easy to style with a hairdryer, curlers, coarse-toothed combs, and combs. The classic square can be graduated, made in a more modern style with cascade elements.

medium short haircuts for women


The main feature is strands of different lengths. Thanks to this hairdressing technology, hair naturally gains volume and splendor. This haircut has its own advantages for each type of hair: thin hair is lifted at the roots with foams and mousse, while not hanging down later with lifeless strands, and too thick and curly hair gets the opportunity to acquire a shape and an even distribution of splendor.



The same strands in different lengths, but with a special emphasis on filing. Ideal for curly hair. Styling does not require effort, and the hairstyle itself rejuvenates by creating an image of naturalness and certain perky randomness.

The hair type is taken into account to create optimally manageable hairstyles that require minimal styling time, as well as to mask possible hair problems. So, when cutting, it is important to take into account the structure of the hair. Professional hairdressers cut curly curls according to the direction of hair growth. For thin and brittle haircuts are selected that can maximize volume.


Perms are often used by older ladies. It should be remembered that each such procedure weakens the hairline, and the next perm can make the hair even thinner, and instead of splendor, you can get a catastrophic loss of strands.

Gray hair should be noted separately. Female gray hair is already a sign of wilting and fragility. Therefore, long gray hair in loose form cannot look young. For ladies who prefer not to dye their hair, strict hairstyles with hair completely removed from the face or short haircuts are suitable. Haircuts on gray strands will add a special charm to milled oblique or asymmetrical bangs.

By face type


It’s no secret that a woman’s hair is her main assistant in creating an image. With the help of a hairstyle, you can visually change the shape of the face, hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

There are several secrets for choosing the optimal haircut for your face type. Experienced stylists at first glance determine how the hairstyle will be in harmony with the face, which features are beneficial to emphasize, and which are desirable to hide.

  • The oval face shape is considered universal, absolutely any haircuts and styling are suitable for it, there is an opportunity to experiment with both romantic curls and ultra-modern haircuts.
  • For fat ladies with a round face, asymmetric haircuts, a classic square with oblique bangs are suitable. It is desirable to bring something into the image that would focus attention on yourself. And the elongated bob with its tips will allow you to hide the second chin.
  • Owners of a square face need the same accentIn this case, the same asymmetry softens the features favorably, but it is necessary to choose options with its vertical execution. Combing, pulled back hair should be avoided.


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