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Black Models with Short Hair 2021

Black Models with Short Hair

Long, voluminous hair with extensions had been an essential item of the runway. However, it has been changing as models decided to proudly show their natural hair. So, let’s take a look at the revolutionizing black models with short hair.

If you want to stand out in the crowd just like black models with short hair listed above. Let’s choose a short hairstyle to make your look stunning. At first, as you know, most famous hairstyles are pixie and bob haircuts. They are fabulous for a casual everyday hairstyles. To get something unique you can also go with blonde, purple or red highlights. Additionally, wearing any of these pictures of short hairstyles for black women with confidence.

Ajak Deng

Ajak Deng, a successful model and a former refugee, is one of the models who brings the natural look to the stage with her close-cropped hair.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has shown that she can pull of any haircut with her cropped bob. Even though she was known for her long and straight hair, she definitely look classy and chic with her short hair.

Maria Borges

Maria Borges, the beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel is proudly wearing a short afro and showing that there is nothing more important than being self-conscious and showing your natural self.


With her edgy cropped curls, Dilone deserves to be in this list of black models with short hair. Her hairstyle allows her to pull of her distinct clothing style; combining casual and formal pieces.

Adwoa Abdoah

An exotic beauty with her red hair and freckles; Adwoa Abdoah, the beautiful English model is usually shaving her head and revolutionizing the fashion industry with her confident stance.

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