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Chin Length Haircuts

Chin Lenght Haircuts

How do you know if chin-length haircuts will suit you? See the photo in the gallery above and (at least mentally) try on a fashionable length! Next, we will tell you what options for haircuts and styling are for this hair length.

Of course, chin-length haircuts are not just short bobs. Although bob is one of the most fashionable hairstyles today. The chin-length between medium and short is very comfortable and suits many girls with different face shapes.

You can always choose an even, graduated, cascading, or torn haircut to the chin. In addition, a variety of bangs can help diversify the hairstyle – long, short, straight, or oblique.

thick hair chin length haircutsback lenght haircuts

1. Haircut shag-length to the chin

Shag is a wonderful and non-trivial example of a chin-length haircut. This hairstyle is based on giving strands of different lengths. This achieves a textured effect and volume even on fine hair. In fact, the shag can be done on different hair lengths. However, the optimal length of a shag hairstyle is considered to be the average length to the chin or slightly below.

nose length hairlayered bobfine chin length hair

2. Haircuts to the chin: short bob

Of course, short bob is one of the most fashionable and popular types of haircuts to the chin today. Indeed, the haircut is extremely comfortable, elegant, and has many styling options For example, combed back strands with a wet look are popular.

fine hair chin length bob

Caret does not always require careful and long styling. Let’s say it’s enough to simply blow-dry your hair, comb it back and tuck the strands behind your ears.

layered chin length hair

It is not that difficult to create an elegant and even evening look for this chin-length haircut. For example, simply do an asymmetrical styling with side parting and wear oversized earrings.

In addition, the length of the chin is also convenient because the hair can be gathered at least in a small ponytail. Alternatively, you can do a semi-assembled hairstyle.

edgy bobedgy choppy boblow maintenance chin length haircutslayered chin length haircut

3. Graduated haircuts to the chin

Medium hair length is great for graduated haircuts. This type of hairstyle is distinguished by a special type of cut with thinning and smooth transitions. Graduated haircuts are suitable for both thick and thin strands. They frame angular or harsh features beautifully.

shoulder length hairneck length haircutinverted bob

4. Bob haircut

Bob-square is another extremely successful example of a haircut to the chin, isn’t it?

What is the difference between a bob and a square? The bob haircut has a square shape. At the same time, the bob is performed on a bob basis, however, the volume is transferred to the crown.

chin length hair with bangsjaw lenght hairstylesbob haircutchoppy chin length hairstyles

5. Haircuts to the chin in a retro-style: garcon or whim

Of course, some chin-length haircuts are a bit forgotten. For example, a multi-layered “whim” hairstyle with milled ends. However, it helps create volume on fine hair. In addition, the haircut is suitable to visually harmonize due to the volume on the sides of a triangular or narrow face.

The garcon haircut is often done on short hair. However, in an elongated version of this hairstyle, the strands can also reach the chin.

ear length hairneck length hair


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