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23 Cool Short Haircuts for Women for Killer Looks

Cool Short Haircuts for Women

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to stay attractive and stylish as long as possible. And although age-related changes cannot be avoided, fashionable haircuts for older women will be an excellent way to preserve youth and attractiveness. Over the years, hair changes not only the color, but also the structure, becoming weak and naughty. That is why the ladies in years who have chosen a short haircut look much more impressive than conservative pensioners with long hair gathered in a tail or a bun. Here you will see various haircuts for the elderly on photos and videos!

When choosing a hairstyle, older women first need to pay attention to the structure and length of the hair, the shape of the face, as well as the style of clothing. Based on the features of appearance, you can choose a haircut for any woman – with a full or thin face, with short or long hair. However, it is the hairstyles for short hair that give older women a number of advantages – they are universal, easy to care for, easy to fit, and perfectly youthful in appearance.

Hairstyles for The Elderly: The Basic Points

Ladies with an oval face shape, which has always been considered ideal, you can choose almost any haircut. As a rule, business women prefer the classic square or cascade. With a small number of wrinkles fit haircut without bangs. If the face is angular or stretched, it is better to choose a hairstyle with bangs, this will add volume and soften sharp features, for example, “pixie”, “square”, “cascade” or curly locks. If there are obvious wrinkles, the “bob” hairstyle will hide them better than others, especially if there is a long asymmetrical fringe and locks that frame the face. In any case, it is better to consult with your hairdresser. By the way, those who are interested in hairdressing will be useful to go to the site. The school-studio of hairdressers Yulia Burdintseva offers courses in a wide range of hairdressers, universal hairdressers, fashion hairdressers, stylists and other possibilities.

Hairstyles for an older lady with a round face are preferable with bangs that visually lengthen it. Stylists advise short haircuts for older people with a full face to choose only asymmetrical, long oblique bangs, as well as with a raised top – it balances the proportionality of the face. By the way, chubby ladies better to give up curls, especially with short hair length. At the same time you should not do a direct parting. The front framing straps will hide plump cheeks. In the presence of “extra” chin or neck folds, it is better to make the front locks lower. The ideal option would be different versions of hair “bob” (classic, elongated or asymmetrical). It is for many variations – from neat and smooth to bold milled – this haircut is considered the most democratic and fits any style.

Short haircuts for women over 50 under the name “pixie” are very popular now. Basically, they are chosen energetic ladies, leading an active lifestyle. This haircut requires a minimum of styling. It is inherent in the alternation of short and long milled strands, creating additional volume to the hair. It is noteworthy that this hairstyle falls on both straight and wavy hair, perfectly framing the cheek area. This hairstyle can visually correct the angular shape of the face, as well as add to the image of femininity and softness. The only caveat – “pixie” is not recommended for full women, as it will once again draw attention to the wide cheekbones and large chin.

Often, older women have thin and sparse hair, then they should pay attention to such a classic, and at the same time feminine haircut, like “square”. It gives the desired volume. This hairstyle always assumes a bang, therefore it is important to know: for women with a full face, it is better to avoid straight bangs. They prefer to prefer oblique bangs and side parting. Very effectively with the “caret” will look ladies with curly hair.

Usually, older ladies are not recommended long hair, because they are harder to care for and dye, damaged long curls seem sloppy, more aging women. However, many women in the age is not easy to part with long curls. Their salvation will be any graduated haircut: “ladder”, “cascade”, an elongated version of “square”. The latter option is very well suited for women with full face, visually lengthening it.

Hair care for older women with fashionable hairstyles can be at home. Experts advise them not to wash their hair too often, because the hair and scalp become dry with age. Once a week is enough. If you choose the right shampoo and using herbal broths for rinsing, you can extend the beauty of the hair for many years.

Be beautiful at any age!

And a few more illustrations: a collection of videos with hairstyles for older women. Perhaps some of the pictures will inspire you to create your new image! Discuss these ideas with your friends and your hairdresser!

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