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15 Curtain Bangs on Short Hair for 2021

At the stage of growing the standard bangs, there comes a point when the front strands are already quite long, but they still cannot be collected in a ponytail. Let’s stop here because this hair can be styled in a practical and beautiful double-sided bang. Who suits it and how to style it – the SalonSecret stylists tell.

Strands descending in soft curtains on the sides of the forehead slim, perfectly mask the disharmony of the face, and are suitable for almost everyone. They are appropriate for thick and thin, wavy and straight, fine and coarse hair of any length.

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How do double-sided bangs help correct features?

A wide forehead visually narrows if it is covered by two thick and lush strands, divided into a parted part. It is optimal if they fall below the level of the eyebrows. A round face with pronounced cheeks requires bangs that reach at least the chin. This technique greatly adorns the everyday look of Dakota Johnson, even though her hair is not thick and voluminous.

An elongated or triangular face (the so-called “heart”), on the other hand, appears softer and rounder if the bangs end at the level of the earlobes. For girls with a narrow face, a voluminous curtain bang with tips twisted inward is suitable.

The type of face with wide cheekbones (rectangular face) thanks to such bangs become more sophisticated, and a vivid example of this is Brigitte Bardot and the image of Jennifer Aniston from the 90s. Any curtain bang is suitable for an oval face shape. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to diversify your look, then this option is worth considering.

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But for girls with heavy eyelids, deep or close-set eyes, a large nose, or small facial features, the front strands cut in this way are contraindicated. Besides, double-sided bangs disadvantageously emphasize the hard line of the lower jaw and a square chin.

If you have noticeably thinning hair, such bangs will make the lack of hair obvious. In this case, it is advisable to consult with your hairdresser before cutting your hair and find a hairstyle suitable for camouflage problems together.

Stylists recommend long strands framing the face to everyone, without exception. Are you worried that double-sided bangs will quickly get bored? In vain! With her talent for transformation, you can change an image in ten minutes without scissors.

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