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Haircuts for 8 Year Old Boys in 2022

A primary school student is already a little man who, communicating with his peers, acquires his sense of style, wants to please girls, looks fantastic and fashionable. Many boys aged 8 ask their parents to cut their hair beautifully.

Do not ignore the child’s desire, because now there is a wide variety of children’s men’s hairstyles performed in hairdressing salons and quickly.

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How to choose a haircut?

There is no need to study the Internet in search of the most fashionable and popular haircut since each child has their their appearance, and even a stylish hairstyle may not only not suit a specific type of face but, on the contrary, look ridiculous. Therefore, it is worth responsibly approaching the choice of a particular haircut.

  • If the child has thin and soft hair, it is better to abandon the embossed forms. If the boy has complex and unruly hair, you should not leave the length – the hairs will stick out in different directions.
  • For children with a round face shape, it is not recommended to choose rounded haircuts; it is better to cut schoolchildren with a triangular or square face shape in this way – a round haircut will correct the angles. It would be best to stop at the “platform” haircut for boys with a square face shape. When choosing a hairstyle for a boy of 7-9 years old, follow the rule: we soften the sharp one, we stretch the round one.
  • At this age, it is essential to give the childfree active life, so do not leave long bangs or elongated facial strands – they will not only interfere with the student during games but can also cause visual impairment. In addition, it threatens with an unpleasant habit of tucking strands behind the ears.
  • It is essential to get into the image of a child. If he is active, goes in for sports, likes to be outdoors, it is better to prefer a shortened hairstyle. For subtle creative natures who are more interested in reading or computer games, elongated strands, curls, and waves are suitable.
  • Keep in mind that many hairstyles require long-term maintenance. They need to be styled appropriately washed with particular shampoos and gels used. A boy aged 7-9 years is unlikely to be concerned about such issues, so the care of his hair will fall on his parents’ shoulders. Thus, it is better to give up a complicated haircut if the parents do not have time for daily styling.

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“Canadian” and its modification “quiff” currently occupy a leading position in ranking the most stylish men’s hairstyles for children. The essence of the haircut is that the long upper strands are left, and the hair is shortened from below. This option is also good because it has several variations; the hair can be styled differently, changing the image.

“Canadian” is a universal haircut for boys of primary school age, which will suit guys with straight hair and curly peers.

However, it should be remembered that it is better not to choose such a haircut for boys with an oval or elongated face.

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Shaved patterns

This option has become in demand for a long time, but over the years, its relevance has not decreased at all. Thanks to unique drawings, boys can express their individuality and develop creative fantasies. The main thing is that the child consciously takes such a step as a shaved pattern. Some schoolchildren do not just choose drawings from the catalog but offer variations, such as depicting Spider-Man’s web above the ear.

Remember that blond schoolchildren should not be offered shaved patterns, as the way will be lost on light strands.

The darker the hair color, the more influential the pattern will look. It is also worth remembering that shaved designs grow back quickly.

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British woman

The essence of the hairstyle is about the same as that of the “Canadian,” but in this case, the back of the head is not shaved but cut off. Also, the difference lies in the accuracy of the “British” compared to the randomness of the “Canadian.” This is a noble model haircut with stacked strands and pronounced partings. The back of the head and temples are cut very short. Strands at least 10 cm long are left on the crown of the head. To get an increased volume, the bangs are combed back. It is shortened if the boy’s charges are laid to one side.

For children with thick and curly hair, the haircut should be profiled. This option is suitable for children with any face shape, but you should not choose such a haircut for schoolchildren with protruding ears and boys with sparse hair who cannot keep styling.

By the way, such a haircut needs styling every day – this must be taken into account when choosing this option.

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Perhaps the most popular hairstyle for boys 7, 8, 9 years old. It attracts children and their parents with its versatility. A child with a boxing haircut feels equally comfortable in the gym, at a school lesson, at a children’s entertainment holiday. This is a concise model, assuming the length of the strands at the crown is a maximum of 3 cm, shaved temples and the back of the head, and a high edging line.

Suitable for guys with any hair, except curly strands. Liquid hair with a fine structure cut under the “box” looks more dense and voluminous; thick strands are more pliable due to such a short length. The haircut does not need special care; short hair is easy and quick to wash and dry. Of the minuses, a frequent visit to the hairdresser is noted – at least once a month, the specialist must maintain shape and a short length.

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Previously, this hairstyle was popular with children of primary school age; however, it went out of fashion. Now, her popularity is on the rise again. From French, the hairstyle’s name means “tomboy,” so the model will look perfect on a boy with a mischievous character. The hairstyle expresses artistic negligence, emphasizing the youthful wearer’s recklessness and inner freedom.

Gavroche haircut combines long hair at the back of the head and short strands at the temples and crown; rock musicians and football players love these silhouettes, so it is not difficult for young fans to imitate their idols. The hairstyle is recommended for guys with thin straight hair and curly-haired boys.

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Since the middle of the last century, this haircut has not lost popularity. It is simple, neat, attractive, does not require serious care. The short-cut hair of the child resembles the spines of a hedgehog, for which this model got its name. For a more stylish look, options with elongated bangs or thickened hair on the crown are currently in demand. Such techniques emphasize the elegance and nobility of a modest hairstyle.

It is better not to do a hedgehog haircut for guys with a round or square face shape. Also, the hairstyle is not suitable for boys with a very thin or, on the contrary, large complexion.

Most of all, this hairstyle is preferable for schoolchildren with coarse hair, which can create the effect of thorns on the head.

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