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Short Curly Haircuts

Short Curly Haircuts

What girl never wanted to have beautiful tight curls? But not everyone is given such a luxury by nature. But those girls who are the owners of curls are not always happy with their hair. After all, to have such curls, to properly care for them, is a huge and time-consuming job.

curly pixie cut

Girls with wavy, curly, or curly hair also want to choose a fashionable, beautiful haircut for their hair that can emphasize curly curls. In this article, we will talk about a haircut for short curly or curly hair.

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Features of curly hair

Since the scales have a more raised shape in the structure of curly hair, they become more tangled, which does not allow any haircut to be matched to them.

The most important thing for caring for any curls is a ban on combing them immediately after a shower. Your hair should definitely dry, even almost dry, after which you start brushing.

For short, curly, as well as curly hair, the following types of haircuts are suitable:

  • Bean;
  • Bob-caret;
  • Caret;
  • Garson;
  • Pixie.

short curly hair

Haircut bob-bob, bob, and bob

For very tight and curled curls, it would be best to choose a bob haircut. Thanks to the different options for the execution of this haircut, you can choose which one is best for you. In particular, it is a torn, asymmetrical, and also graded square.

round face short curly hairstyles short curly bangsshort curly bob short curly natural

A more modified bob, known to us by this name as bob bob. This haircut is perfect for curly and curly hair. Due to the shortened strands at the back of the head, the entire bulk of the hair will acquire an even greater volume.

very short curly hairstylesshort curly bangs

Garcon haircut

The garcon haircut has a certain magical appeal and is perfect for short curly hair. This will make your hair appear thicker. And its ability to reveal a stunning view of the neck makes the neck visually longer and more graceful.

short wavy hair very short curly hair natural short curly hair

Pixie haircut

This haircut helps give your curls a lively look, and its style and relevance will delight us for many years.

layered short curly haircuts medium curly hair short curly hair bob short curly hair pinterest chubby face short curly hairstyles

Asymmetrical short haircuts

Short haircuts with asymmetry look very unusual and original on wavy hair. Usually, the emphasis is on one of the side strands or on the bangs. Who is an asymmetrical haircut for?

First of all, you should understand that such a haircut should correspond to the lifestyle. Often, through such hairstyles, girls express their inner world and individuality. There are no specific rules for such hairstyles. Here, rather, you will have to consult with a stylist and choose the type of asymmetry that suits each specific type of appearance and hair structure.

shoulder length short curly hairstyles edgy short curly haircuts pixie short curly hair

Wavy hair, in comparison with straight, has a more porous structure, therefore, requires more careful care. Apply moisturizing and nourishing masks often to keep curls shiny and supple. And don’t forget that any short haircut reveals the face. If your skin has imperfections, then with a short hairstyle they will be more noticeable. For short haircuts, it is desirable to have healthy, smooth skin.

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