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15 Simple Short Hairstyles for Women in 2021

There are so many celebrities you can see simple short hairstyles for women in 2019 from Jennifer Lawrence to Emma Watson. This is the world wide phenomenon which is both stunning and refreshing. Cut your hair, exceed old age stereotypes, follow footsteps below.

The problem of lack of time for makeup and beautiful styling is familiar to many modern women. Quite often, putting themselves in order, girls dream of the opportunity to get rid of the exhausting process of taming naughty hair. Increasingly, at such moments, owners of even strands have a desire to have curls, and curly ones have to even them.

The way out of such situations has long been proposed by the world-famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, who came up with models of short simple haircuts without styling. To create such masterpieces, it is better to turn to an experienced professional, as he must be fluent in the technique of execution. Depending on the type and structure of the hair, the master hairdresser will model such a hairstyle that will always look beautiful and neat.

Options for Fashionable Women’s Haircuts for Short Hair without Styling

Options for women’s haircuts, suitable for short hair and spectacular even without styling, can be distinguished as follows:

  • Pixies
  • Rhapsody
  • Square
  • French haircut

To make the right choice, you need to consider many factors: the shape of the head, facial features, human height. For an experienced hairdresser, this will not be difficult, but still it is better to come to the master with a clear understanding of what the future hairstyle should be.

Pay attention to the photo how short haircuts for women look great without styling:

Short haircuts for straight hair without styling: Pixie and Bob

Pixie is the choice of forever young and stylish ladies. Due to the intense thinning of the strands on the back of the head and temples, this hairstyle looks impressive. This haircut model is suitable for sophisticated, fragile girls – it is in this case that it looks stunning.

Bob is a hairstyle for ladies with a daring character. This is a great option for a short haircut on straight hair. Even without styling, it will look neat in everyday wear. Its peculiarity is that it suits a woman of any age, but requires the owner to have a beautiful neck and a clear line of cheekbones. To create it, the hairdresser leaves short torn strands all over the head, and the nape area forms a little elongated. Such a model will be to face fragile women.

Bob is a short haircut that is suitable for girls and looks great without styling. Focusing on the type of hair, the hairdresser chooses the right look for this hairstyle. Straight bean looks refined, but more suitable for straight strands, as it should be smooth. A multilayer bean helps to solve the problem of thick hair, since when creating such a haircut, the curls are significantly thinned out by thinning. Asymmetry will hide the broken proportions of the face, and oblique bangs can cover imperfections on the forehead (wrinkles, acne). This hairstyle favorably emphasizes the natural beauty of hair and will make the image of any girl unique.

How each of the options for this haircut without styling on short hair will look in everyday life, look at the photo:

Short Women’s Haircuts without Styling Thin Hair: Pixies

Pixie is an ideal solution for thin or damaged hair. This hairstyle does not require long daily styling, thanks to it, any curls will take on a completely new look. It will look good on women of any age with a perfect shape of the chin and neck.

If there is a need to look younger, then this haircut is able to create such an effect. A good basis for it will be straight strands. When it’s not possible for a long time to choose the appropriate option among short women’s haircuts, so that the hair is perfect even on fine hair, it’s worth paying attention to pixies.

Short Haircuts without Styling for Curly and Straight Hair: Rhapsody, Square and Cascade

Rhapsody is a hairstyle that takes a little length to create. At the crown, it looks shorter, and then comes the lengthening with well-milled and torn ends. This short haircut is great on curly hair even without styling.

Caret is one of the haircut models in which the ability to do without daily styling depends on its option. A graphic square requires at least minimal styling, but with asymmetry, you can get by with a straightforward dryer. It is worth remembering that such a caret emphasizes all facial features, making them more clear and expressive, so if there are obvious flaws, it is better to choose a different hairstyle model.

Torn cascade – suitable for both straight and curly hair. This version of the hairstyle looks great without styling, as it is characterized by a certain mess. This model is universal in that it will decorate any type of face, and its choice does not depend on the structure of the hair.

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