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20 Hottest Bleach Blonde Hair Color Ideas


Many methods of rejuvenation involve serious sacrifices for the sake of beauty. However, there are some among them that do not require significant effort. Some ladies resort to dyeing to mask the gray hair that appears after 40 years. However, the correct hair color can not only remove the gray strands but also visually reset a couple of years.  short-natural-blonde-hai

However, this wonderful looking younger tool can work exactly the opposite. If in your youth you can afford to radically change your image, experimenting with creative options for coloring, then, crossing the 40-year mark, the color of the hairstyle should solve other problems.

It is advisable to dye your hair in such tones that refresh the face, prevent the lady from looking tired, and even more so vulgar. However, there is no universal “magic” color that makes all women over 40 rejuvenated. To choose your youthful shade, you need to consider several points.

On a light wave

Stylists consider it an axiom that hair coloring two shades lighter than natural helps to look younger. Then the face will take on a fresh look and youthfulness. However, it is worth overdoing it a little, and the effect will be the opposite. Monochrome blond 3-5 tones lighter than natural will only add age.

natural-blonde-hair short-honey-blonde-hair

What other shades and dyeing techniques are not suitable for women over 40?

  • Black hair certainly ages. A dark mop casts gloomy highlights on the face, which more sharply indicates age-related changes. At the same time, wrinkles visually deepen, irregularities are aggravated, circles under the eyelids become more noticeable. However, there is one exception to this rule: if a woman is a natural burning brunette, she has very white skin, blue eyes. Such a spectacular lady can be rejuvenated by black color, emphasizing the whiteness of the face, giving expressiveness to the eyes.
  • Avoid yellow blonde. Bleached hair with a tint of yellowness does not make a woman rejuvenate at any age, especially after 40. It should be disposed of by any means, for example, using toning.
  • Do not use ashy tones. Like a yellow blonde, they age a woman of elegant age. This is because “ash” is always subconsciously associated with gray hair.
  • Reddish colors should be discarded if there are red skin imperfections on the face, for example, irritation or rosacea. Otherwise, a red halo focuses on unhealthy redness.
  • Purple and silver color makes the skin dull, which we are just trying to get away from. Even if you like these shades, after 40 it is better to change them to more youthful hair color.

balayage blonde hair idea


  • Contrast highlighting or ombre is not the best choice for a woman of elegant age. In addition to the fact that it is no longer fashionable, such coloring drags on the years. Age is not hidden by contrasting, but soft transitions and highlights, which are used in the techniques of Airtech, balayage.

Color technologies for ladies over 40


 ash blonde hair.

Classic monochromatic coloring was considered traditional until new types of coloring appeared. Today, the approach to what color makes women aged 40+ rejuvenate is changing. Progressive stylists believe that masking gray hair by dyeing hair in one tone is not a very bright idea. On gray strands, dyes hold on worse, so they quickly appear and become noticeable. This picture is especially depressing if gray hair occupies more than 1/3 of the volume of all hair.

If nevertheless, preference is given to monochromatic staining, then the color will have to be updated quite often: every three to four weeks. For emergencies, you can purchase short-acting toning sprays or balms.


A woman who chooses which color makes her younger after 40 years old can be advised to look closely at highlighting or blonding. The first technique perfectly masks gray hair, if there is a little of it. Lightening individual strands will help hide gray curls at the temples. Both methods are more gentle than uniform staining, especially if they are used frequently.

 balayage blonde ombre

Coloring and coloring 3D

Overflows of shades of varying intensity, light reflections enliven and visually make even thin strands more voluminous. It’s no secret that with age, hair loses its density, so it is also advisable to correct this problem.

Coloring eliminates the border between natural color and gray strands. They stop striking, attention is diverted to new juicy shades. This technique allows you to create an image that rejuvenates a woman over 40, for a longer period than even toning: for five to six weeks. If the hair is very dark, the growing roots will need to be dyed more often.


Shatush, ombre, balayazh

These techniques are characterized by such techniques as stretching the color in different directions, color accentuation on individual strands, and creating a gradient. All these methods will help to successfully veil gray hair by shifting the visual emphasis. Significant graying requires combining several methods or additionally tint the roots. Status (lightening thin strands) successfully hide gray hair on dark blond hair.

What color rejuvenates a particular woman after 40 depends on her natural color. Experts recommend brown-haired women with a smooth gradient from dark to light. For brunettes, balayage with the coloring of strands is most suitable.

Professional approach 

Makeup artists advise determining which shade of hair rejuvenates after 40, in accordance with the natural skin tone. Why is it important to focus on complexion when choosing the right tone for coloring? Cell renewal slows down with age, so the skin becomes dull and paler. Choosing the wrong tone can make your face look tired. The stark contrasts between hair and skin color are visually annoying because they accentuate age-related imperfections such as dark circles and wrinkles.

A well-chosen shade of hair rejuvenates the face, giving it a radiant look. This improves the natural glow of your cheeks, making them less sunken. If your face is angular, the right hair color can soften the features.

blonde-highlights- honey-blonde-hair

Determining your natural skin tone is not difficult on your own, you can find many reliable methods on the Internet.

Suitable options for skin color type


This leather is characterized by warm undertones. After a sunburn, it becomes golden. Women of this type are young:

  • medium blond shades;
  • honey blond;
  • mocha;
  • caramel.



This neutral skin type combines both warm and cold tones. As a rule, such ladies naturally have brown or dark blond hair. A new shade should be chosen in such a way as to emphasize the dignity of appearance. For a younger look, chestnut with a cool tint will do. Deep chestnut dyes can work wonders: thanks to them, the skin is leveled, minor imperfections are masked, due to which the face takes on a fresh look. In addition, will do:

  • caramel warm tones;
  • redhead;
  • light brown-haired;
  • not sharp highlighting.
  • platinum-blonde-hair

Let’s sum up 

It is easy to get lost among such an abundance of nuances, therefore, in the end, we will summarize several main landmarks. To transform advantageously with coloring:

  1. First of all, consider the natural hair color and complexion.
  2. The type and length of the haircut also matter.
  3. The basic rule is that the color rejuvenates two tones lighter than natural.
  4. Avoid strong contrasts in shades, for mature women it looks unnatural and vulgar.
  5. Do not discolor too much. This visually ages the image.
  6. A radical makeover from brunette to blonde will require frequent touch-up of growing dark roots.
  7. Do not neglect progressive coloring techniques: they successfully mask gray hair.
  8. It is necessary to choose a hair color that makes a woman over 40 rejuvenated without makeup, then the result will be more successful.
  9. If you do not have any experience in coloring, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced colorist to choose the optimal color. The wizard will determine the desired tone, taking into account all the parameters of your appearance.



How to check if your hair is younger after dyeing? To do this, remove your makeup and check your look in a mirror in natural daylight. If the face is “lost” against the background of hair, it looks dull, you should choose a more suitable shade. If the face has not lost its expressiveness, the color is determined correctly.

After 40, hair needs particularly careful care. Shiny, healthy curls rejuvenate a woman on their own. Regularly moisturize your hair, make masks, use nourishing vitamin complexes. Special shampoos and color fixers will retain the rich color of the stain for a longer period. Then the anti-aging shade will work one hundred percent.






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