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20 Cute Short Balayage Hair Blonde Over 40

caramel-brown-balayage-short-hairThis year, stylists presented blonde women with an unexpected surprise by presenting them with a radically reincarnated balayage called reverse balayage.

The effectiveness of such coloring was achieved by a simple maneuver – the roots were painted in a light tone and the ends in a dark one. The choice of color contrast remained the prerogative of women.



A sharp contrast between dark chocolate and blond, a delicate creamy caramel transition, and an airy interweaving of honey and coffee notes are in trend.

The high popularity of balayage for blonde hair makes women want to lighten even the darkest hair. If you decide to take this step, take a closer look at the platinum shades.


Slightly darkened roots and ashy play of tones at the tips look fashionable and bright. But balayage is not limited only to this color. Now the natural palette is in fashion – bronze, caramel, wheat, gold, honey.

And don’t forget, hair can be dyed both in the traditional style and, conversely, in the form of reverse balayage.


A new balayage for medium hair or longer curls allows a woman to grow back previously dyed hair, eliminating its cutting or permanent dyeing.

The stylists offered an interesting balayage for blondes with the mysterious name “unicorn” frappuccino. Despite the unusual name, this balayage is simply magnificent: it is soft pastel shades of pink, purple, cream, blue. In a word, tenderness, and style in one bottle.

And for supporters of a more natural color scheme, they prepared the most delicate shades of gold, caramel, honey. From a cold palette, mother-of-pearl, milk, pearls and blond without yellowness are in trend.


light-blonde-balayage-blonde  80-Best-Modern-Hairstyles-and-Haircuts-for-Women-Over-50 60-Layered-Bob-Styles_-Modern-Haircuts-with-Layers-for-Any-Occasion caramel-brown-balayage-short-hair-30    ash-blonde-short-hair-balayage-over-40 caramel-balayage-blonde-over-30. blonde-hair-over-30-scaled blonde-ombre   ash-blonde-short-hair-balayage.


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