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20 Blonde Balayage Hairstyles for Short Hair in 2022

Balayage highlights have become one of the most sought after types of coloration. And it is that, since many celebrities began to wear them, we have realized how good they feel and now we all want them in our hair. Whatever your hair is, there is a type of balayage highlights perfect for you. Find out which one it is!

What is the difference between the balayage highlights and the ombré look?
The ombré trend is a color gradient: dark roots or lengths, depending on where the transition begins, and lighter tips. If the light color starts at the root and changes to a darker shade (usually half and a half), the look is called two-tone. Unlike the balayage version, the ombré and two-tone trends don’t work with separate locks. The color begins to apply more or less at the level of the ears or lower and completely covers all the ends of the hair. This creates a striking look. While the two colors differ in the ombré and two-tone looks, the reflections of different tones in the balayage result in a work of art that looks natural.

Blonde balayage hairstyle for wavy hair

Blonde balayage tall hair

Which measurement works best with balayage?
From a pixie to a smooth or curly bob, a long mane … in principle the balayage method works with any hairstyle. This is because this free technique allows the nuances to adapt to each cut and texture. However, the most impressive effect is achieved on the XL manes. Why? The longer the mane (we recommend at least shoulder length), the strands can be placed more creatively. Also, the movement in long, loose hair, especially with waves, makes the play of colors even more vivid.

Natural blonde balayage short hair

What colors come into play in the balayage highlights?
This is the best part: everyone! Whether you want to add a fresh touch to your natural color or prefer to try a completely new mix, with balayage we guarantee that the result will be a success. How about golden highlights on a chocolate-colored mane, for example? Or alluring burgundy undertones on black hair? With the balayage method, any combination is possible. You can risk and leave your comfort zone or opt for the usual shades. Everyone favors.

Enough theory, let’s go to practice: we have compiled for you the most impressive balayage in our gallery:

Soft waves. Little effort and great effect. You can get the most out of a long mane with balayage. Especially suitable for summer.

Natural blonde balayage short hair

Short blonde balayage straight

Shoulder length balayage short curly hair

Blonde Balayage hairstyle for bob

Blonde balayage hairstyle for bob

Shoulder length balayage short straight hair

Blonde balayage hairstyle for ash blonde

Shoulder length balayage short hair

The balayage method is not reserved for long hair. The half-mane with highlights is modern, romantic, and natural, all in one. The coloring trend is particularly effective with a wavy look, be it short, medium, or long. It is not necessary to always use the classic combination of chestnut and blonde, but black hair can also look better with this technique.

The pigtail with balayage has a surprising effect. The discreet reflections create a spectacular range of colors in the hair. Picked up in a high ponytail and curled with soft waves, the balayage mane looks stunning. In braided hair, the color effect created by these highlights creates a guaranteed hit.

Blonde balayage short hairstyles either way will make you look so beautiful. Balayage’s blonde short hairstyles give you a nicer look. If you already have blonde, natural or not, you can use a method to put Balayage on your blonde hair.

Many celebrities make balayage on their blonde hair successful by having an amazing result and a mix of colors. Balayage’s blonde look works for you that you’re not ready to have brown hair right now. There is a smart way for you to get a good balayage look on your blonde hair.

It is a technique created in the 1970s in France (balayage means ‘sweep’ in French) and that many hairdressers began to rescue a couple of years ago after the great Californian wicks boom. Shoulder length balayage short dark root hair

Blonde balayage hairstyle for short hair

How are they distinguished from Californians?
The ‘cut’ between the colors is much less subtle. Olivia Wilde is wearing some Californians here, not some balayage.

How are balayage highlights made?
Unlike other types of highlights, balayage is done freehand and without wrapping the hair in aluminum foil. Sometimes the plastic film is placed on them but only on top, without folding it, as is done with the other. The key is that the trace of the wick does not start at the root, but a few centimeters below and is clarified until reaching the tip, hence the term ‘sweep’ to define them.

So are they more like reflections?
The reflections are even softer than the bayalage. As you can see in this image by Isabeli Fontana, the nuances of color are minimal with classic reflections like the ones she wears.

Blonde balayage hairstyle for brunettes

Blonde balayage hairstyle for shoulder length

Short blonde bob hairstyles balayage

What is your function?
Balayage highlights are used as a kind of contouring. They serve to give light to the face at certain points, making the features appear more harmonious or highlighting the color of the eyes, so they have an immediate rejuvenating effect.

Better with waves
They look good on both smooth and curly manes, although they stand out the most with loose waves.

Who feel better?
Any type of hair can wear this kind of highlights because they are so soft they are not as aggressive with the hair and do not require prior bleaching.

Short platium blonde wavy hairstyles balayage

Blonde balayage bob straight

Short ash blonde highlights hairstyles balayage

blonde balayage long bob

We love how these types of highlights are in long hair and even in short hairs. The gradient may not be as subtle as a long one but it still looks great.

In light brown
When the base is light brown, you can also make less obvious balayage with a gold gradient that is especially noticeable from medium to tip.

For blondes
Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the first celebrities to popularize this type of highlights in her eternal blonde hair and since then, we have not stopped seeing looks inspired by her. As you can see in this photo, the root remains brownish and the rest is lightened by strands.

In dark brown
We love this hair and it is that, in addition to being the quintessential fashionable cut, the subtle balayage highlights achieve to give birth to this brown hair.

In redhead
Debbie Ryan proves that these types of highlights are also for redheads. In your case, the orange turns into gold in certain strands and the effect could not be more beautiful.

In brunettes
These wicks balayage highlights are specially designed for brunettes. Instead of wearing them in blonde (as is usual in the rest of hair shades) she wears them in a cherry brown and only from medium to ends.


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