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15 Trending Short Curly Hairstyles for 2021

We have selected for you more than 10 fashionable haircuts for curly short, medium, and long hair. And step-by-step instructions for haircuts and styling with photos, tips for thick and thin hair will help you choose the right options for yourself.

Girls with straight hair are constantly envious of the owners of curly hair. It seems to them that it is easy for such women to care for luxurious hair, they do not need styling. But such hair prefers special care, certain hairstyles, and haircut options. To choose the most profitable, you need to consider certain factors.

Curls are different: elastic springs, delicate curls, curls, and heavy waves. Therefore, a haircut depends on the type of curls. For elastic springs, a universal option will be a haircut having a length to the shoulder. If you choose a longer look, then with proper care you can achieve a spectacular and vibrant look.

Too short will turn the girl into a dandelion. If curls have medium stiffness, then preference should be given to medium length. Thus, you can create a romantic and gentle image. If the waves are soft, then page or bob haircuts are interesting. A fashionable square will do, but only a professional hairdresser can do it. A haircut should be correctly selected to change the shape of the face or minor imperfections in appearance. Before going to the hairdresser, it makes sense to play with different options for hairstyles, with the help of hairpins to raise the hair, highlight the bangs, change the parting.

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A short haircut looks sporty and relaxed. Earlier, a short look was not used for curly, but today it is fashionable, stylish, and youthful. Such a hairstyle requires you to style your hair every day and carefully care for it.

You can create an image of perky and fashionable. A “boy-like” haircut for curly hair is provided for thin women with sophisticated features. A hairstyle is easily formed, you need to beat your hair with your fingers. If you pull curls during the drying process, you will get curls of a strict form. “Bob” looks fashionable.

Suitable for persons with an oval or triangular shape. Daily care is required but gives feminine and sexual features. The non-standard version is “asymmetrical-looking bean” or square. Such haircuts are suitable for girls with large facial features. With the help of such a hairstyle, you can make the required emphasis on the advantages, distract attention from the shortcomings.

Thus, you can choose an option for short hair and create the desired fashionable image. There is an opportunity to create a perky, youthful, or feminine sexual style. This length requires regular visits to the hairdresser to maintain a neat line and shape. So that the hair does not look like a dry shock, nutrition and hydration are recommended. The right care products can be advised by a specialist.

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Hairstyles with short curls create a youth image, and medium ones are suitable for the fairer sex of any age. Such haircuts emphasize the dignity of its owner, mask flaws. Curly hair has a special structure, the hair bulb has the shape of a comma, on the head, there are less of them than direct ones.

They are dry because subcutaneous fat is located near the roots, almost absent at the tips. Therefore, proper care, timely hydration, and the correct form of haircuts are very important. For hair with medium length, a medium bob in combination with a variety of bangs is perfect. They create an amazing feminine image, oblique look perfectly combined with a person having an elongated shape.

A good combination gives a direct bang. For curls of medium length, you can try the option of an extended square. Hairdressers use “bean”, made in an elongated version on one side. You can also create an elegant hairstyle from it. A great option is a multi-layer haircut. It emphasizes the natural shape of the curls, fits perfectly. Thus, for curly haircuts or bob are suitable, which are combined with various types of bangs or without it. The choice depends on the shape of the face and style of the owner of the curly hair. You must regularly visit the hairdresser to remove split ends.

Long curly hair looks luxurious. Such hair requires competent care. Subcutaneous fat is found at the very roots, the hair bulb has the shape of a curved comma, so because of the length, it does not reach the tips. They split and look dry and groomed. It is required to regularly visit a hairdresser, to choose the right means for moisturizing and care.

A haircut in the cascade style looks great, which creates an imitation of a natural waterfall from the hair of various lengths on the head. It is performed based on an elongated caret but has a gradual elongation and layering. The addition of such a hairstyle with multicolor coloring looks gorgeous. This haircut is a universal option for any type of curly hair. Haircut in the form of “ladder” or “graduated.”


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