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20 Super Easy Curly Haircuts to Manage in 2023

Women with curly or very wavy hair always have the fear that a particular cut does not go well with their hair left natural and therefore live in the anxiety of always having to resort to styling, even in summer. In this article, we propose different cuts that are also good for those with curly or normally unmanageable hair. The important thing is that the hairstyle reflects us and enhances us. The cuts for short and curly hair are many; asymmetrical, short in front and long in back, very short, even shaved or very frayed. The peculiarity of all these cuts, however, is that they are all super feminine!


If you are someone who loves traditional cuts and you don’t want to dare too much, we recommend a helmet. Two cuts that never fade and allow you to play a little more with the lengths, which we can drastically halve with curly or very wavy hair.

The bob usually has a length throughout the cut. The curly hair gives a lot of movement and the cuts appear soft and jaunty.

chubby face short curly hairstyles curly pixie cut low maintenance short curly hairstyles pixie short curly hair short curly hair bob

Shaved or asymmetrical

If, on the other hand, you are a dynamic person who loves to change his image and you are not afraid of changes, a choice you could opt for is certainly an asymmetrical haircut.

Very particular and adopted by many celebrities, such as Emma Marrone. The asymmetrical cut is shaved on one side and much longer on the other. It is a style outside the box, but which allows you to remain very feminine and above all to play with a beautiful side maxi fringe that will give us a very sensual look.

curly hair layers before and after natural short curly hair short curly hairstyles short curly hairstyles wavy medium curly hair

Scaled cut

This type of cut is also for people who like to be versatile and the watchword is always movementThe peculiarity of this cut is that the hair can be moved freely from one side of the head to the other and allowing for different types of styling.

Countless different combinations are born from asymmetrical hairstyles, disheveled – but deliberately – and with long and short tufts that alternate perfectly framing our face.

edgy short curly haircuts girl with short curly hair layered short curly haircuts naturally curly chubby face short curly hairstyles

The pixie is the right compromise for those who want to keep some length without losing the practicality of the shortcut. Tuft and bangs, then, are always ready to come to safety if we still want to give a breath of freshness to our hairstyle.

curly hairstyles low maintenance layered short curly haircuts short curly hair short hair styles for curly hair short length curly hairstyles shoulder length short curly hairstyles


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