Saturday, April 1, 2023
balayage hair color for over 50s ideas

20 Hair Colors for Older Women in 2022

Sometimes, to look younger and fresher, you need to do the right color to hide wrinkles and other signs of aging. What color visually reduces age after 30, 40, and 50 years? We determine...
black hair with highlights

Short Brown Hair Colors for Women in 2022

What color of brown hair do I ask my hairdresser? You have brown hair, you want to change, but you are not quite sure which one can look good on you. First of all, let's learn...
light pink hair

Short Pink Hair Colors for Women in 2022

The evolution of dyes allowed us to think about our hair beyond the tones with which we are born. Fantasy colors are a way to express your own identity. With a palette that ranges from pastel...
hair color over 50 brunette

Best Hair Colors for Women over 50 in 2023

It depends on how carefully the haircut and hair color is chosen, whether a mature woman will look fresh and young or add extra years to herself. An experienced master can always choose the right...

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair in 2022

You need to keep up with fashion, its trends change very quickly. Short colored hair is fashionable and relevant in 2022. We will tell you what hair shades are fashionable this season, and what dyeing techniques...
deep plum burgundy hair color

The Best Burgundy Hair Color Ideas in 2022

Burgundy is a super stylish color that never goes out of style. This is a rich and bold shade that is loved by many, including celebrities! We've rounded up the best burgundy hair colors! Find yours! The hair...

20 Gray Hairstyles You Have To Try Now for women

Now it is no longer considered a catastrophe that the hair loses its color and turns gray. Men have always taken it easy, and women have also learned to take it for granted. One...
plum burgundy hair color

Black Cherry Hair Color for Women in 2022

Are you bored with your dark hair? Please take a look at the inspiration we offer you with this tone, bringing you warmth. If you have black or brown hair, but you are...
hair color ideas

Golden Brown Hair Color in 2022

It is considered classic, timeless, and elegant: honey blonde is like the little black dress among hair colors. In spring, however, the long-running favorite has been facing severe competition again for a long time because...
ash brown hair color chart

Ash Brown Hair Color for Women in 2022

Now that the first rays of sunshine are returning and we are slowly but surely saying goodbye to the cold season, we are ready for something new again -because new hair color is needed! ...