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Haircuts with Bangs for Short Hair in 2023

Being stylish and fashionable is a natural desire of any girl, regardless of her age. To make a good impression, you need to pay attention not only to your wardrobe but also to your hair. The right choice of style, hair length, and color makes it possible to create an optimal image. Short hair can also look interesting if styled and styled properly, especially with bangs.


Short women’s haircuts have become popular for a long time, and Irene Castle is considered the ancestor of this fashion, who, having got into the hospital, did not have the proper conditions for hair care, and therefore cut them off. Since the girl was a fairly popular dancer, they began to actively write about her transformation in the media and discuss the advisability of such a radical change. Due to the unusual situation that was created by a combination of circumstances, hairdressers had the opportunity to explore a new industry for themselves, which to this day remains relevant.

A haircut with bangs for short hair can have a variety of design options, which are dictated by the length of both the hair itself and the bangs.

aesthetic short hair with bangs

It would seem that such an insignificant detail as a bang should not radically change the image of a person, but this is fundamentally wrong. It is thanks to the length of the bangs, and the way it is cut, that it is possible to achieve a variety of stylish haircuts. The variability of the length and design of the bangs is different, the following are considered the most popular.

  • Oblique – had the greatest popularity last season, being a trend. The tips can be torn, milled or straight. This version of the bangs is suitable for absolutely any type of short haircut. To diversify the oblique bangs, you can supplement them with elongated strands that will fall on the forehead, or twist the edges so that the bangs are raised.
short hair with curtain bangs
  • Graduated – created by the hands of a real master due to the complexity of the haircut. Most of all, such bangs are suitable for those who have medium-length hair.
  • Asymmetric – is considered one of the most popular options, it is in harmony with any type of haircut and will suit girls with any face shape. The only limitation is age, after 40 years it is advisable not to use such a short bang because it will only visually add age.

short hair with bangs straight


The huge popularity of the short hairstyle among the fair sex created the need for a variety of hairstyles that would fit a certain type, hair length, structure, and color. Among the most popular are the following.


Kare is the first and most popular option that has undergone some changes, but the general trends have remained unshakable. A classic haircut involves shortening hair with a smooth edge, the length of which does not exceed the area of ​​the ears or only covers the chin. This haircut makes it possible to choose any type of bangs and diversify the hairstyle. Kare makes the girl more feminine, decorates the face, emphasizing the cheekbones, and is also a comfortable haircut that requires almost no styling. There are several options for performing a square.

  • A shortened version, suggests clear lines that will suit any fashionista, regardless of the type and shape of the face. Cleopatra herself wore a similar hairstyle, which means that the spectacular appearance of the girl will be guaranteed. To look more modern, it is better to choose a rich dark hair dye color and complement it with a warmer ombre color.
cute short haircuts with bangs bangs haircut
  • An elongated caret for curly hair, which involves oblique bangs.

Such a caret will look good on girls who have slightly curly hair or those who will create voluminous forms.

hairstyles for short hair short hair styles with bangs
  • Textured short bob – this option can be done in 2 ways: using a graduated haircut, where the shape is given with careful thinning, and using thinning for specific parts of the hairstyle (tips or strands) to emphasize them.


Bob – is considered one of the most versatile and comfortable hairstyles to wear, with which you can experiment with the length of the curls, their shape, and the type of bangs that will be most appropriate. In addition, for this type, you can choose a wide variety of types of staining and coloring, which will add brightness and originality to the hairstyle.

Among the most relevant forms of bob haircuts are:

  • length to the ears;
  • short length, hedgehog at the back, clear lines on the sides in combination with straight thick bangs;
  • textured;
  • classic, where there are clear lines of the contour of the hairstyle;
  • with oblique bangs;
  • asymmetric;
  • elongated version – bob-car.

very short hair with bangs

short hair styles short hair with side bangs short hairstyles

Any of the above options will look stylish, so you can safely try them, experimenting with appearance to find the most versatile type of hairstyle.


A cap is a type of hairstyle that is not suitable for everyone and requires a certain amount of time to maintain shape and styling. The optimal face shape for a hat is oval. To give originality, you can choose the length of the bangs from shortened to as long as possible.

shoulder length haircut


Shag has the appearance of untidy hair, but this is a deceptive impression that is created artificially by cutting and styling. The length should not be below the chin line, and the hairline is cut in layers so that a minimum length remains on the sides and a maximum on top. It is recommended to choose this type of hairstyle for those who have thin and weak hair, which is difficult to add volume. One haircut for a proper appearance will not be enough, you need to make some efforts for styling, leveling part of the hair, and applying a modeling gel.


Pixie – has a significant difference from other hairstyles due to the shortest hair and bangs. It suits those who have a small face or pronounced parts of it: large lips or eyes. The peculiarity of creating an image is that the temporal zone and the back of the head are shortened the most, while the crown remains longer.

For a stylish and interesting look, it is worth supplementing the haircut with hair coloring in a bright and saturated color or highlighting a few strands.

straight bangs how to style short hair with bangs

A waiter

Garcon is a hairstyle that requires a short hair length and perfectly even styling. Fashion also touched on this option, modifying its bangs from a non-standard length to the original shape. Curls can now have a different types of styling, the most popular are wavy or tousled strands, styled with gel, and garcon using asymmetrical bangs.

short bangs


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