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15 Fresh Non Binary Haircuts for Women in 2022

Non binary haircuts are designed for modern women, whose idea of ​​femininity is not limited to the stereotype of the attractiveness and sexuality of long hair. Long gone are the days when only a woman with long curls was considered beautiful and stylish. Nowadays, asexual haircuts can highlight both the masculinity of a gentleman and the femininity of a lady.

There is a stereotype that androgynous haircuts are a copy of the typical male hairstyle. Many will be surprised, but the options for creating haircuts in the style of “androgyny” have about two hundred variations. How do you know if it is right for you?

Androgynous haircuts: is it worth doing?

Like any other, a non binary haircut is not suitable for every woman. Here you need to consider both the proportions of the face and the character of the fair sex. For example, highly romantic young ladies, most likely, will be uncomfortable with such a hairstyle.

Moreover, androgynous haircuts are a long-term option because if you get tired of them, you won’t grow your hair in 3 months. Therefore, the choice of an androgynous style should be treated more than carefully.

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So, who shouldn’t get a haircut like this?

  • Women who are complex about the length of the neck and the shape of the ears. You can be sure that an androgynous hairstyle will reveal all the flaws that you hid under your long hair. Don’t want to emphasize them? A non binary haircut is not your option.
  • Girls with a dense physique. Unfortunately, the girl-boy haircut is suitable only for ladies with either a slender or medium build. If you have extra pounds, then you should be prepared for the fact that you will look masculine. The peculiarity of the non binary hairstyle is that it betrays femininity to slender girls and takes it away from women with shapes. By the way, this variation looks most impressive on thin women with a “rectangle” body type.
  • Girls are working in organizations with a strict dress code. If by profession you are, for example, an accountant or a bank clerk, then, unfortunately, this variation is not for you. First of all, it suits (and attracts!) For girls of creative professions. For example, designers or PR people.
  • Girls over thirty. Eh, young green. However, non binary hairstyles are usually only suitable for girls up to a certain age threshold, as they are daring, bold, and risky. She is characteristic of the young period of female heyday.

If you are a slender girl with a beautiful neck, then non binary hairstyles are your option. Their main advantage is that the instructions for use are not limited to the volume of the hair. Whether your hair is thin or lush, this hairstyle will look great in both cases.

Non binary short haircuts are exceptionally versatile. It will be challenging to make such a hairstyle for yourself at home; it is better to trust the master in the salon and not experiment on your own. Nevertheless, with your own hands, you can independently and quickly do the styling at home.

Styling androgynous haircuts with your own hands

The correction scheme is presented in stages as follows. To do this, you need a fine-toothed comb and hair paste. Let’s look at the stages of styling step by step:

  1. Comb slightly wet hair with a comb with frequent teeth.
  2. Rub the paste between your palms.
  3. Next, ruffle the hair with your fingers a little, and then dry the strands with a hairdryer in the “cold temperature” mode. This option does not dry out the hair and gives it shine.
  4. Voila, your perfect hairstyle is ready! Wear it with pleasure.


  1. Hi non-binary person here I thought I should inform you that the reason they are called non-binary is because they aren’t just for women. Non-binary doesn’t fit into a binary category.

  2. I think what you mean is 15 short haircuts for people. Non-binary is a gender, and there is no one specific way to look, just like men can have long hair and women can have short hair, someone who is non-binary can look however they want to look. I also wonder if you would entitle an article 15 men’s haircuts for women or 15 women’s haircuts for men? Being non binary does not mean having to adopt a specific androgynous aesthetic, just like men don’t have to have short hair and women don’t have to have long hair.

  3. Non-binary things should not be labeled for women.
    Asexual is a sexuality, there are no “Asexual haircuts”
    The word you were looking for in this entire article is “androgynous”

  4. To clarify Non Binary means you aren’t a boy or girl so “Nonbinary with gender” doesn’t make sense. If you are looking for the term nonbinary with gender then the word you were looking for was androgynous. Also you can have an androgynous hair style at any age you don’t have to change your hair just because you aren’t in your 20’s.

    • Holy crap, the “who should not” section.

      Who judges if your ears and neck are too weird? What does that even mean? Are you growing a cat head out of your neck? Do you have a tattoo of a giant horse **** on your neck that you are trying to conceal? Are your ears, I don’t know…I literally don’t know what could be going on with ears that you should hide.

      NOBODY ever tells fat AMAB people not to have short hair.

      “Bad for girls with shapes” followed by “looks best on a rectangle.” Rectangles are a shape. Also, fat folks of any age and gender look very cute with short hair.

      Suitable only for young women? Short hair looks good on every age, hello? Have you not seen Helen Mirren? Dame Judy Dench? What the hell are you on about?

      You do realize that older fat butches look FANTASTIC with short hair? That they are a got danged backbone of our community in every way? Hot as hell at 40, 50, 60?

      You are just regurgitating the same garbage “must still appeal to men, must be ****able, only thin people can afford to look different” horse crap that folks have been hearing our whole lives? This article is hotter than dog poop on an Alabama sidewalk. Get the hell out with this sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, ageist garbage.

      I’m 45, nonbinary, fat, have hair down to a #2 clipper, and I look amazing. I am also attracted to adults of all genders, shapes, and ages, and can affirm that short hair is not limited to a narrow range of any of those. To hell with this nonsense. God I hope nobody listens to you.

    • Did not mean to reply directly to you. Thank you for your comment, I could not agree more. Butches, 110% sex appeal.

  5. i always admired about articles written “for women” but this article takes the cake. it should be used as an example on how to write articles

  6. All haircuts are nonbinary haircuts, because nonbinary people are not restricted to any specific way of presenting ourselves. This is definitely one of the articles I’ve ever read.

  7. i don’t even know where to begin. of course the non binary trends evidently refreshing. but beyond that the article might be controversial.

  8. I get this was a while ago but the absolute nonsense is still fresh. Y’all do know that nonbinary is not actually an adjective you would use in this way, right? You realize that nonbinary is a gender identity beyond “androgynous, woman-lite”, right?

  9. This is not what I was looking for, these could be more nonbinary. “Nonbinary” is a gender identity to try on like blackness and every other culture that white American fashion and entertainment has stolen from. Furthermore, not all nonbinary people go for these haircuts.

    Please understand this before writing an article
    Also: non binary people can have whatever hair they want, just like woman and men. If anything these are ANDROGYNOUS hairstyles. God this article was difficult to read. Im just so annoyed at the person who wrote this.
    Okay enough ranting for today. Thank you for giving me an idea to show my hairdresser.

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