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25 Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Have the attraction for short haircuts spread among women in the 20th century. “A haircut is a state of mind, not just a way to do something with hair … I think that long hair is another shackle that women threw off on their way to freedom,” she explained her ultra-short haircut at the beginning of the past. century American singer Mary Garden.

Since then, the controversy: “to have a haircut or not to have a haircut” has not subsided in front of the mirrors of beauty salons and all possible forums dedicated to this issue. And every woman sooner or later tries a short or ultra-short haircut, looks for, grows bangs or a comfortable length, but, one way or another, the attractiveness of a non-troublesome short length is very tempting for many ladies.

layered short hair with bangs

Is short hair a problem or freedom? So many women think about a short haircut, but either is not sure about the result and the right length, or they are afraid to look funny. Women who are considering a short haircut for themselves are afraid that they may lose their femininity or get a result that is not what they imagine in their heads.

Short haircuts can look very bright, youthful, give a feeling of lightness, in short haircuts, there are many advantages and a lot of styling options.

round face short hair with bangs

Short haircuts have obvious advantages, which often outweigh doubts: short hair can be dried in two counts, it is easy to style it even by simply wetting your fingers with water, and by complementing a haircut with long bangs, you can afford to change the image many times.

As with other hair lengths, bangs on short hair help hide imperfections in the face and emphasize its attractiveness.

A short haircut is both intimidating and amazing at the same time. Just a few minutes to cut the length, and then you can peer into the shop windows for hours with intrigue, checking your reflection.

short hair with bangs

Haircuts with unusual bangs make a fresh impression, contrasting textures and multidirectional lines, together with incredible shades, can take the usual style to new heights.

Pairing a bang with a short haircut can be the perfect option for you. This combination allows you to try many new styling tricks and gives you the ability to instantly change the look if needed.

Stylish bangs can take the burden of creating a new style and offer the ability to quickly get ready for the day, you can easily comb your hair in a few minutes.

If age stops you when deciding to have a short haircut, then modern fashion erases absolutely all age limits, a woman does not cease to be a woman with age. The desire to change and improve, to experiment with styles remains in the character of any lady forever. But short haircuts are so wonderfully young!

pixie cut trendy short hair with bangs

Haircut Cascade for Short Hair with Bangs

The cascading haircut is one of the most common, most suitable for women with thin hair. Cutting technology makes hair look heavier and thicker. Performed based on the rendered square, the shortened version of the cascade slightly covers the ears. Bangs are an element that goes down to the face, and choosing the right bangs for a cascading short haircut is very important.

This haircut is very diverse, the graduated square assumes numerous horizontal layers that fit around the head, and fall on the front of the face, framing it.

korean short hair with bangs short hair styles

There are a lot of versions of a cascade haircut: cascades with beveled backs, and even stepped cascades, and asymmetric cascades, and cascades with smooth rounded layers, and a cascade haircut with sharp edges, made with a straight razor.

Although a haircut based on a cascade is very common, not every master knows how to do it perfectly, therefore, carefully consider the reviews about the hairdresser and his experience if you decide on a cascading short haircut with bangs.

pixie short hair with bangsshort hair with bangs straight

Bob Haircut for Short Hair with Bangs

The more you look at bob haircuts, the more you like them. And even the point is not that, with a high probability, these haircuts are suitable for most ladies, but that regardless of the chosen type of bob haircut, it will somehow emphasize the advantageous side of appearance. By styling the bean differently than yesterday, you get a new proof of your freshness and beauty every day.

Bob haircuts with torn oblique bangs can rightfully be considered the most common versions of modern hairstyles, slight negligence, sharp ends and strands falling on the face combine all the desired images about a bob haircut.

wispy bangs bob short curly hair with bangs short curly hair with bangs and layers

Although the bob style is very sensitive to the shape of the face, you can be sure that it is suitable for everyone, just find the best one for yourself and a good master.

Please note that a short bob haircut will emphasize the gracefulness of the nape, beautiful posture, and carved shoulders. The modern fashion for short hair is increasingly less likely to offer straightness and blunt cuts at short lengths, a slightly stylized mess, multidirectional strands, waves, voluminous bangs – all this will enhance the impression of a bob-style haircut.

short hair with side bangsshoulder length short hair with bangs

Haircut Square for Short Hair with Bangs

Owners of straight, smooth curls very often give preference to classic-look haircuts in the style of a square. Undoubtedly, this style is very beloved and attractive. A girl with such a haircut can be seen from afar, she is always in the spotlight.

Variety can be added to this look with the help of bangs and all kinds of styling, creating an asymmetrical bob, for example, you will add boldness to your look.

Shaggy, waves, and stylized negligence add the necessary surroundings for a carefree and cheerful mood.

Smoothness and symmetry in each strand will add rigor to the style, if necessary.

The bangs will add intrigue and movement to this image. Moreover, the bangs here can lead a separate life from the hairstyle. Long bangs can be laid on either side, taken behind the ear, pinned back, and short and straight ones can be diversified with thinning.

medium hair with bangs short ponytail hairstyles chubby face short curly hairstyles

Pixie Haircut with Side Bangs

Of the many haircuts for short hair with bangs, pixie haircuts can be distinguished. A boy-style haircut is a thing of the past, these ultra-short haircuts were replaced by pixies with torn elongated voluminous oblique bangs. A pixie haircut is beyond age, it will suit almost every woman if the styling and setting of the hairstyle do not scare you. You can wear pixie without styling at all, barely touching the comb after sleep, if the hair is thick enough and keeps its shape well, but for thin hair, it will take 5-10 minutes to style.

Many chubby girls avoid short hairstyles hiding behind long hair, but pixies are the perfect solution for round faces. Torn oblique bangs, on which the whole “elf” image is built, will help to create the necessary elongation for a round face.

bad curly bangs layered short curly haircuts natural short curly hair with bangs

For each type of face, you can choose your best pixie. Moreover, there are so many variations on the theme of styling that you can change it daily, never repeating it in a month. If there is no time, just leave it as it is. If you have 5 minutes and a drop of modeling cream, create the mood for the day: lift your bangs above your face, swing to the side or back, stand upright, even curl. Unusually colored pixies, with highlights of different tones – the top of the style today.

short cut hairstylesshort hair with curtain bangs

Haircut Quiff (Mohawk) with Bangs on the side

Another striking trend of the modern stylish city woman is the quiff or Mohawk haircut. This fantastic trend in women’s short hairstyles came from men’s fashion and is becoming very widespread in the style of the ladies. It is here that the voluminous side bangs play not just the main role in the haircut, it is the haircut itself.

The essence of this haircut is that the hair on the sides is cut close to the skin, and the haircut itself is built only on those hairs that remain in the center of the head from the forehead to the back of the head. It looks amazing, and there are a thousand ways to play it up while remaining exciting and different every day.

aesthetic short hair with bangs

There are many options for quiffs and it is not always necessary to shave the temples, you can cut your hair short or shave only one side. Despite the ultra-modern look, such a haircut is universal both in terms of age and femininity. Quiffs are also a great way to disguise a large forehead if needed.

Long quiff bangs, decorated in several shades, can bring a bit of modesty into this not simple image, and solve fantasy ideas.

short bowl cut hairstylesshort haircuts


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