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Side Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair 2021

The most common high knot with sleekly styled hair gives the whole look an incredible aristocracy! What could be more beautiful than healthy shiny curls that form a “crown”? It seems that this hairstyle does not need any additional decorations, but if you still want to complement the image with accessories, scroll further – we have prepared many relevant ideas.

For the perfect high bun with expressive volume, you will need Redken Rootful spray: it will lift the strands at the roots in the parietal zone, at the temples, and around the back of the head. Then apply Wind Blown to a light, messy texture along the length (it will simulate natural moving volume) and gather it into a familiar bun. Fix your wedding masterpiece with Fashion Work spray.

Side bun with curls

Side bun hairstyles


Side bun updo

Dutch braid
Bulky and luxurious, the Dutch braid in itself creates the feeling of a very important day! Depending on the wedding outfit, you can braid one or two braids – the main thing is that the hairstyle is in harmony with the holiday outfit. And guests will not be able to look away!

Lush curls
A lush and catchy hairstyle, for example, large curls, is ideal for a restrained outfit. When choosing this styling, remember that it is eye-catching in itself, so it is better to refuse additional accessories in this case.

Choose a high or low tail depending on the type of face – both options remain in the trends of 2021! A high tail will make the image more strict and solemn, and a low tail will make the image more delicate. This styling is weather-tolerant and suitable for any season.

Side Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair 2021 Side bun hairstyles for medium hair Side bun with flower

Three styling products will help you create a stylish ponytail without elastic. Add volume to the crown with Redken Full Effect mousse, then tuck the hair into a ponytail and texture it in succession with Wax Blast. Curling one strand at the base of the ponytail, spray generously with Fashion Work Spray. Hide the tip in the hairstyle and secure it with another hairpin from the side of the neck.

Medium length bride hairstyles
Medium hair length is practical and convenient: loose curls do not interfere with dancing and having fun, and gathered in styling look decent! What are the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair to choose in 2021?

Side beam
All the same knot, but intricately assembled not in the center, but on the right or left, is an  excellent solution for those who still plan to remove curls from their face! Light asymmetry of the hairstyle will add dynamism and sophistication to the image.

Loose shell
It is better to make a shell in 2021 not smooth, but free – by the fashion for natural beauty. Do not tighten your curls, leaving a few strands free, and complete the finished hairstyle with a tiny but graceful accessory: for example, a small sparkling hair clip or a comb, like a heroine Kristen Stewart in “Twilight”.

Simple side bun hairstyle Messy side bun hairstyles for wedding Loose messy side bun Messy side bun with braid

Wedding side bun hairstyle for short hair

The Greek-style will especially appeal to lovers of accessories because here you cannot do without a stylish headband or ribbon! Start from hair jewelry when choosing a style: you can leave the curls loose or collect them so that they wrap around the headband – it’s up to you! By the way, the Greek style is at the top of fashion trends for brunettes along with a strict square.

Boho style
An ideal solution for those who have chosen natural or “rustic” motives for their outfit. Boho allows you to dissolve the curls, complementing them with small weaving on the back or sides, or collect them in a high freestyling, decorating with a wreath of fresh flowers. The length will not interfere with the volume due to the curls – alive and as if slightly disheveled in the wind. They are easy to shape by combining Redken Rootful spray, Full Effect mousse, and Fashion Work long-lasting varnish in one style. Detailed instructions on how to create an image can be found on the Redken website: scroll down the page and open the “Watch the video” tab.

They emphasize the oval of the face, fasten short strands, create a mood – the best solution for romantic natures!

Flower decoration
Natural or artificial flowers can add a bright note to the most restrained image. For minimalism, go for a simple dress, an elegant knot, and a white flower.

A stylish alternative to the traditional veil – short, dynamic, and sophisticated! The best accessory for those who would like to accentuate their hair.

Elegant side bun Side bun hairstyle for indian wedding Side bun indian hairstyle Side bun black hair Step by step side bun hairstyle for short hair


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