Friday, July 1, 2022
popular hairstyles for 40 year old woman

Haircuts for 40 Year Old Woman in 2022

Suppose the youth is characterized by feigned recklessness and some inconsistency of the created image, then in adulthood, especially for women. In that case, style consistency is necessary, where clothes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle...
very short pixie haircuts

Attractive Haircuts for Older Women in 2022

It is psychologically important for a woman of any age to look attractive and even irresistible. Modern ladies and the global beauty industry are making a lot of efforts to push back the withering age...
hairstyle wolf cut

15 Wolf Cuts for Females in 2022

The frightening name hides a very spectacular and beautiful hairstyle behind it. Invented at the beginning of the last century, it has come down to us in its original form. The eighties gave the styling new...
tomboy undercut pixie

Undercut Hairstyles for Women in 2022

An undercut hairstyle that women currently consider to be one of the trendiest is an extreme type of haircut with one or both temple areas cut very short or even shaved. Although it's a...
bob vintage short hair

Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair 2022

There are more and more girls who choose stylish short haircuts because it is not only convenient but also fashionable, beautiful and unusual. Short haircuts can emphasize beautiful facial features, open the face and...
short wavy hair with bangs

20 Short Brunette Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Today brunettes are considered "gorgeous and flamboyant" women. According to research, the owners of dark hair pushed the blondes, took the lead among women. The brunettes were awarded the title of "burning beauties". They...

19 Short Fade Haircuts 2022

For ladies keeping long hair has for some time been a no-no. Once with the beginning of the contemporary period slowly ladies have been seen displaying short hair a great deal. Well, whenever noticed...
70s short curly hair

1970’s Short Haircuts

Many recognize the seventies of the XX century as filled with eccentricity. During this period, various spheres of contemporary art developed rapidly: music, cinema, television. Fashion does not lag behind, striking with variety and freedom. Clothing styles...
korean short hairstyles for round faces

20 Short Asian Haircuts for Women in 2022

Asian hairstyles look quite unusual for the majority of the western population. What are the characteristics of Asian hairstyles? Who are they best for? Let's learn about the haircuts and much more in the...
Black woman ear length short bob

20 Asymmetrical Haircuts for Black Women in 2022

Asymmetrical haircuts have gained true popularity, but at the same time, they have not lost their individuality. The secret of such a fashionable paradox is simple. There are many styles and silhouettes of these...