Friday, February 3, 2023
stacked wedge haircut over 30

20 Short Wedge Haircuts for Women in 2022

Modern wedges can enter your life as short stacked bobs or layered pixies. With these two endless options, can you imagine how many great changes the wedge has? To show off the beautification and...

20 Short Haircuts for Older Women in 2022

Elderly ladies over 60 are recommended the same haircuts as young girls, naturally without creativity. Indeed, regardless of age, every woman wants to look stylish and attractive. With age, not only do wrinkles appear,...
hair trends 2022

20 Cute Short Haircuts for Women in 2022

Short haircuts have been one of the main trends among women's haircuts for several seasons in a row. In 2022, they will continue to add accents because each hairstyle for short hair looks unique....
edgy short pixie cuts

20 Youthful Hairstyles for Women Over 50 in 2022

A woman's age is not the number of years lived, it is a reflection of her inner state, love for herself, caring for her appearance, and health. Having stepped over the 50th-anniversary mark, you...

Short Lenght Haircuts for Women 2021

Long luxurious hair is very pretty and stylish. But a short haircut looks no less stylish and impressive if done by a real master. And such a hairstyle saves time. And this is not a trifle at...
step by step messy bun

Messy Hairstyles for Women 2021

Messy Hairstyles for Women 2021 In the new season of 2021, designers offer us interesting, slightly non-standard types of hairstyles that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. They are distinguished by simplicity and ease of...
low maintenance thick hair short bob haircuts

20 Cute Short Haircuts For Thick Hair in 2022

What woman does not dream of luxurious thick hair? Thick hair has always been and will be the pride of its owner and the envy of others. However, many people are unaware that special care...

20 Wolf Haircuts for Girls in 2022

A wolf haircut is a fashion trend this summer that rejuvenates even 80-year-old she's definitely for the cocky. This summer, right in front of a multi-million audience, a new trend in haircuts was born -...
round face long pixie

Long Pixie Cuts for Women 2021

The elongated pixie haircut managed to conquer the fashion world with triumph and conquered women of all ages with its versatility and ease of styling. The lightness and sophistication of the hairstyle in this case...
thick chin length hair

Chin Length Hairstyles for Women 2021

Chin-length haircuts are suitable for women of any age, as well as for any face shape. If you like short hair of this length, then we suggest looking at a selection of current haircuts for...