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20 Short Asian Haircuts for Women in 2022

Asian hairstyles look quite unusual for the majority of the western population. What are the characteristics of Asian hairstyles? Who are they best for? Let’s learn about the haircuts and much more in the post.

edgy korean pixie cut

Korean hairstyles for girls

Young girls are mainly interested in this type of hairstyle. After all, they look more original and unusual. Nevertheless, they have a number of features that are extremely important to consider before doing such a hairstyle.

In Korean hairstyles, the emphasis is mainly on smoothness. The fact is that basically, all Korean women have perfectly straight hair. Therefore, people who have natural curls will have a difficult time. After all, it will take a very long time to straighten them. And this, as you know, negatively affects the quality and structure of the hair. Therefore, we recommend weighing all the pros and cons before deciding on such a step.

Another feature of Korean hairstyles is dark hair color. Basically, all Korean women have quite thick hair. In turn, blondes have thin and brittle hair, which can be a real problem in creating a hairstyle. In some cases, styling products are used that will keep the hairstyles in place. However, they are also inconvenient and rarely last the rest of the day.

bob short hair

Trendy Korean hairstyles for short hair

It’s no secret that Korean women are very fond of non-standard solutions in terms of hairstyling. They prefer bright colors in clothes and looks in general. Therefore, it is not surprising that hairstyles can be original and very unusual for Slavic women of fashion.

Of course, short hair is a definite limitation in the choice of hairstyles. Therefore, there will be much less experimentation. To create volume at the roots, you can make a light bouffant. Thanks to him, the hairstyle will be more magnificent. In this case, a classic square or bob looks great.

korean short hairstyle 2020

Korean hairstyles for medium hair

Average hair length is rightfully considered universal. As it is suitable for a variety of haircuts and hairstyles. We recommend that you pay attention to the square, which is incredibly popular with Korean fashionistas. Bob-bob or torn bob look especially stylish.

They practically do not require styling, which is a significant additional advantage. An asymmetrical haircut makes the look more daring and playful. It always gets attention. At the same time, you can always add romance and femininity to the image with the help of ribbons, hairpins, bows, or hoops.

korean short hairstyles for round faces

Korean hairstyles with bangs

In Korea, many girls wear bangs regardless of hair length. Basically, it is straight and classic. But there are also more extraordinary options. It can be oblique or torn bangs. It serves as a real decoration, regardless of the chosen haircut. Bangs with slightly curled ends look very interesting. Such a not too active detail makes the image light, romantic, and even more feminine.

bob korean short haircuts

If you are planning to do a Korean hairstyle for the first time, it may seem too complicated. In fact, this is not at all the case and it will not take too long. To begin with, we note that the hair must be clean and dry. Thanks to this aspect, any hairstyle will look attractive. In case you have curly hair, it is best to straighten it out.

After all, this is almost the main feature of the hair of Korean girls. Everything else depends on the chosen hairstyle. For example, for weaving, you can use invisibility and hairpins. They will help make it look smoother and more attractive. In turn, hairpins and combs will act as decorations.

Korean hairstyles are becoming more and more relevant in our area. They are more romantic and sometimes daring. This is what attracts modern women of fashion.

korean short hairstyle 2021

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