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20 Beautiful Chestnut Hair Colors for Women in 2022

The light chestnut shade has overflows of nutty, caramel, gold, and amber tones. This color will suit any face, as well as light or dark skin. Due to its natural tone, this color looks great on short, medium, and long hair.

light brown hair color
medium brown hair
chocolate brown chestnut brown hair

Chocolate chestnut color

An ideal choice for green-eyed beauties with olive or dark skin. Chocolate brown almost borders on chocolate hair color but is not.

auburn hair

chocolate brown hair

dark brown hair color

This shape can visually correct facial features, making the oval more elongated and giving the square a more streamlined shape. For girls with porcelain, white skin, it is better to choose a chocolate-chestnut color in a light range, and with olive or dark-skinned – the color of dark chocolate, that is, a more intense tone.

dark chestnut brown hair

ash brown hair color

caramel chestnut hair

Dark chestnut color

Scientists have proven that this color is chosen by successful girls who are not used to stopping in front of any obstacle. Dark brown hair colors almost borders black. It is often confused with black and chocolate hair.

caramel hair color
burnt sienna hair color
chestnut brown short hairstyles
This color is vibrant. It has the characteristics hint of dark chocolate or a dark gray graphite tone. Dark brown is very rarely suitable for girls with fair skin, light eyebrows, or girls with freckles. Due to light skin, hair dyed in a similar tone shades it too sharply, which creates the effect as if the hair is separate, and the face is separate.
pixie short auburn hair
bronze hair color
But if you are just such a type and still wanted to try this shade, it is better to consult with the master in the salon so that you do not get a bad result afterward.


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