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20 Short Brunette Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Today brunettes are considered “gorgeous and flamboyant” women. According to research, the owners of dark hair pushed the blondes, took the lead among women. The brunettes were awarded the title of “burning beauties”. They are considered passionate and temperamental.

Dark hair looks attractive, correctly emphasizing the facial features of women. But owning dark hair is not enough. To match the title, you need to choose the right haircut that will emphasize the girl’s personality.

Fashionable hairstyle for brunettes cascade 2022

low maintenance short brunette hairstyles

shoulder length short brunette hairstyles

This stylish hairstyle is liked by many fashionistas who follow the hairdressing novelties. Haircut cascade 2022 is able to transform the look beyond recognition. It consists of several layers of multi-level curls, which magically make the hair more luxuriant and voluminous. Cascade 2022 looks lively, gives airiness to soft hair. A haircut is also good for strands that tend to be straight or curly by their nature.

If you wear a cascade, then you know that changing the image with it is as easy as shelling pears. Simple yet elegant styling is to simply blow-dry your hair. Using a round comb, you can direct the curls inward, towards the neck, or spread over the shoulders. The curling iron will help you create magical, romantic curls that will also lay obediently and beautifully.

Fashionable hairstyle for brunettes pixie 2022

Today there are many beautiful short haircuts for women that do not take much time to style every day. The most original and beautiful haircut is the pixie cut. Given the rules, in a pixie, the bulk of the hair remains on the crown and the length of the hair is not lower than the ear. This hairstyle looks amazing when done on straight and fine hair.

bob haircut

However, if you have curly hair, you shouldn’t give it up.

pixie cut

Some consider this haircut option to be boyish. You can often see many famous women in glossy fashion magazines with a similar version of this hairstyle.

Features of a pixie haircut. A pixie haircut has many advantages, the main one is that the hair can be easily styled with your hands in a few minutes, and it is also easy to care for it. A short haircut is a great option for a hot summer. No daily washing or constant styling is required. A pixie haircut with bangs on the side looks very nice.

long pixie cut

To get a more original look, you can additionally use gel or varnish to style the way you like.

Pixie with cropped bangs. This option is suitable for romantic natures. This image softens the facial features, opens up the face, making it look younger. Such a haircut will look good on an oval, round face is perfect.

undercut pixie cut

Pixiebob haircut. In a pixie bob hairstyle, the bulk of the hair remains on the crown. Hair is not cut very short, leaving bangs, which makes the image harmonious. Such a haircut will allow you to keep the length and give your hair a neat shape.

pixiebob haircuts

Fashionable hairstyle for brunette’s long bob 2022

It is no coincidence that Bob is considered a stable trend – he has been in the favorites for a long time. Fashionable bob 2022 has its own accents:

  • this haircut for medium hair 2022 is performed with strands up to the collarbones, while the back of the head is made in contrast – short and high, which allows you to show a beautiful neck in all its glory;
  • an obliquely trimmed bang changes the hairstyle beyond recognition, corrects the appearance of the face, such a bob has a large field for styling ideas;
  • bob-“disheveled” in the style of grunge is impossible not to notice, it is individual, original, and fits perfectly into youth bows.

The choice of the type of bob depends on your manner of dressing, on the characteristics of the figure. If a short bob is ideal for women with a thin neck, narrow shoulders, refined features, then a spherical and elongated one is recommended for ladies with prominent cheekbones, an asymmetric one – for full girls, young ladies with a heavy chin. Bob on a leg makes the appearance daring, youthful, sexy. The advantage of an elongated haircut is that any woman can always modify it a little – stab it with invisibility, comb it, make it smooth, curly.

choppy brunette pixie cut short brown hair with highlights

Fashionable hairstyle for brunettes bob-caret 2022

Bob Kare is a haircut that saw the world many years ago. This style differs from the square in such aspects:

  • From the back of the head to the chin, the strands are cut obliquely. Shorter behind, longer in front;
  • The haircut comes with bangs.

This style became famous thanks to Coco Chanel. This famous woman often experimented with her appearance. But her favorite haircuts were “bob” and “bob”. She combined them, giving the world a “bob-car”. Such haircuts for the type of brunette with bulging cheekbones are very popular and in demand. “Bob-caret” hides the “width” of the face. “Bob” is suitable for girls with any hair length. But it looks more impressive on shoulder-length hair. “Bob-caret” gives additional volume due to different lengths, so owners of thick hair should think about it before making a decision. “Bob-Kare” is suitable for girls with thin and weak hair. They look thicker in this hairstyle.

The disadvantage of “bob-caret” is thorough hair care.

Hair is difficult to collect in a ponytail, so you have to style your hair every day.

black bob haircut

Fashionable asymmetric hairstyle for brunettes 2022

Without losing the shocking, women’s asymmetric haircuts in 2022 again surprise with a variety of forms. They are ideal for creating simple yet expressive looks that are in line with global trends in the beauty industry. Asymmetry, far from the canons of the classics, fits both the practicality of minimalism and the sophistication of the casual. Interpretations of bob and bob haircuts gave way to experiments with pixies and the very option for which the name “for a boy” was forever stuck, and the main object for the masters is the bavngs.

long pixie haircutpixie cut

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