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20 Long Pixie Cuts with Bangs for Women in 2022

The long pixie haircut conquered the fashion world with triumph and beat women of all ages with its versatility and ease of styling. The lightness and sophistication of the hairstyle, in this case, harmoniously complements the prominent facial features, and the elongated oval, and the clearly defined line of the cheekbones.

But fashion trends tend to change. The ultra-short version of the fairy, which for a long time held the lead among hairdressers around the world, now looks a bit retrospective. It is being replaced by haircut options for long hair, allowing you to breathe new life into classic looks.

Round face pixie cut with bangs Chubby face long pixie cut Feminine pixie cuts

An elegant hairstyle with an extension, with or without bangs, is ideal for women of all ages. It is undemanding in care; it is enough to maintain a given shape with the help of regular visits to the hairdresser. The use of different styling options helps to change the appearance of a long pixie haircut.

Created for those who want to be on-trend, the long pixie haircut allows every woman who is not ready for too radical changes to try on the fabulous image of a fairy from the wild. The features of this solution include the following.

Long layered long pixie cut Long pixie cut with bangs for fine hair Long pixie cut with bangs for over 60 Long pixie cut with bangs for round face Long pixie cut with bangs for thick hair Long pixie cut with bangs for thin hair Long Pixie Cut with Bangs Low maintenance long pixie haircut Messy pixie cut with bangs Pixie bob haircut Pixie cut with bangs 2022 Pixie cut with bangs black woman Pixie cut with bangs round face Pixie cut with bangs Thick hair long pixie cut Thin hair long pixie cut


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