Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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edgy pixie cut shaved sides

Pixie Cuts with Shaved Sides in 2023

Now and then we feel like trying something new. You may be thinking about redefining your image. This time, why not take things to a whole new level? Fear not - there are a whole host...
feminine pixie cut for round face

Stunning Looks with Pixie Cut for Round Face in 2023

Pixie is the most popular short haircut for women. Its poetic name is reminiscent of wood elves, fairies, and sprites. The cute, lively look of the pixie haircut is achieved through a unique technique that...

Purple Pixie Cuts for Women in 2023

A pixie haircut is ideal for everyone, but you need to select it based on the features of the face. There are many options, and they are all very interesting and beautiful. Who suits...
feminine curly pixie cut

Pink Pixie Haircuts for Women in 2023

You haven't yet fallen for a new haircut this year, it's time for a change! Women with short hair are often daring women, who love adventure and want to turn their routine into a little hair madness. Coloring is also...

20 pixie cut plus size for chubby face in 2023

Today, working women do not find time for morning hair styling. And because of this, most people prefer shorter haircuts. There are many great short haircuts that you can choose from so you don't have...
bob korean short hair

20 Fabulous Asian Pixie Cut Ideas for Women in 2022

Pixie cuts for Asian women have been on the rise in recent years. How this haircut can accentuate your face shape and can give you a fearless vibe without taking up too much of your...
low maintenance long pixie haircut

Long Pixie Haircut Ideas for Women in 2022

Long pixie hairstyles are a great way to style short hair. Many celebrities are currently using this haircut as the perfect Pixie allows you to have a glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated look. Due to its length,...
red pixie hair

20 Red Pixie Cut Ideas for Women in 2022

A variety of hair colors and dyeing techniques are easy to find - opals, pastels, all sorts of blondes, and many others to not list them all. But every lady knows that red hair...
edgy medium punk haircuts

Punk Pixie Haircut Ideas for Women in 2022

Short haircuts are the best option for active modern women who appreciate every minute. Thanks to the short length, you no longer have to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to put...
feminine pixie hair cuts

Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut Ideas

Anne Hathaway is not only a charming woman and an excellent actress, but she is also a chameleon girl who achieves an incredible, sensual, and even youthful style with any hairstyle or cut. It...