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Purple Pixie Cuts for Women in 2023

A pixie haircut is ideal for everyone, but you need to select it based on the features of the face. There are many options, and they are all very interesting and beautiful. Who suits the pixie haircut the most, how to determine your shape and what hairstyles will turn out based on the pixie, see the article!

The pixie cut is a trendy short haircut with a boyish drive that opens up the neck. Asymmetric and voluminous, it effectively corrects the face and emphasizes the many advantages of appearance. Pixies are loved by women of any age – the hairstyle rejuvenates and adds boldness to the image.

Pixie hairstyle looks great in short and ultra-short version. Have grown from the buzz cut level of 5 cm? Wonderful! The most fashionable and stylish hairstyle of the XXI century is available to you. Check out the pixie haircut for short hair for women from the front and back!

Hairstyle can be done on longer hair. There are asymmetrical, classic pixie with long bangs, pixie bob and other variations of the departure from the base. The length may vary. See how the pixie haircut looks in the photo from all sides!

The beauty of a pixie is that a haircut can correct a high forehead, voluminous cheeks, and even a slight drooping ear. In the first case, it is better to choose a hairstyle with bangs, and in the rest – elongated and asymmetrical.

Pixie goes to little girls, and young girls, and women over 30 years old, as well as very respectable older ladies. Let’s see how the pixie haircut looks in the photo, depending on the shape of the face of its owner.

What is a pixie haircut for a square face: oblique elongated bangs, soft edging and smooth lines that smooth out the corners. With a short bang in a semicircle, a fashionable pixie was chosen for the look at the ACE Awards by singer Ciara a couple of years ago. Fans were delighted and must have been a little upset when the star returned to long hair.

This type of face is considered ideal, but it is important not to exaggerate the volume on top, so as not to stretch the features too much. A beautiful pixie haircut is chosen by top model Bella Hadid, the owner of an oval face. Take a look at how the pixie haircut looks for a neat oval in the photo above.

A modern pixie haircut for women is a lot of techniques and options for every taste and color. We invite you to explore the most popular hairstyles and choose the best one for your hair type, appearance and style.

Although this purple pixie is one of the most popular short hairstyles of last year, it is still in demand for 2020. Purple hair is very trendy and this pretty purple haired pixie is no exception!


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