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Pink Pixie Haircuts for Women in 2023

You haven’t yet fallen for a new haircut this year, it’s time for a change!

Women with short hair are often daring women, who love adventure and want to turn their routine into a little hair madness. Coloring is also an essential point in a metamorphosis, which color represents you the most this yearAnd if you decide to add color to your life and originality with the iconic Pixie short haircut accompanied by a  pastel color, pink.

The cotton candy that you loved to taste as a child in the carnivals comes to rest on your short hairYou can say goodbye to grimacing hair without highlights, the soft, luscious, and sweet pink is resurfacing in the trends of the year. It’s time to open your diary and reserve a few hours for the hair salon and achieve a real hair madness that you will not regret.


natural curly pixie cut edgy short pixie cuts rose gold pastel pink pixie cutlong pixie cut

It is the short haircut that is at the top of the podium because it never goes out of fashion. Short in the back and slightly longer in the front, the Pixie cut is a safe model to try at least once in your life. Pixie means elf in English, you will bring a little fantasy to your daily life. There are several types of Pixie, each more original than the other. With a side swept lock, tapered locks that caress your forehead to land in bangs, and coloring, you’re sure to make a statement.


short pink hair funky colored pixie cut very short pixie haircuts

To highlight your little short haircut, the color is very important. The highlights you are going to give it will give it the boost your hair needs. On a shortcut, it is better to opt for a uniform and degraded color to avoid glaring demarcations during regrowth. In addition, the shortcut has a very interesting advantage, it allows to adopt darker colors, even more original, than on long hair. Since the hair is newer, it is less damaged and can therefore afford a radical change. This is the perfect opportunity to launch into something new.


pink pixie

aesthetic short pink hair short hair pink hairstyles

Having an original and complex cut requires more maintenance than a simpler cut. To maintain your color, use suitable sulfate-free products that will keep your color in place on your hair without removing its highlights. Shampoos and conditioners for colored hair will fix the color thanks to their acidic pH, which will keep the scales closed and seal in the pigments of your color. For your cut, it is not necessary to go there every week. Make touch-ups and cut the ends, once every two months is enough. To be adapted according to the growth of your hair.


A pixie cut with side highlights

low maintenance curly pixie cut

Pastel Pink Gradient

undercut pink singer hair

 Candy pink on a pixie cut

baby pink pixie cut

A wavy pixie cut

short pastel pink pixie cut

Two Tone Crown Pixie Cut

feminine undercut pixie

Pixie rose 

hot pink pixie cut

Short hair with pastel highlights

pastel pixie

 The Completely Dewy Pixie Cut

feminine pixie cuts

Pixie with side parting

dark pink pixie cut

 Curly Pink Pixie

feminine curly pixie cut


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