When we hear the word “hair,” the image of black, long, and healthy hair appears in our thoughts. Women are more prone to their hair than men because hair has been known as their crown since ancient times. History shows that hair is a symbol of femininity. Hair is a reflection of our identity because men and women differ in hair. In ancient times, women wore long hair as a symbol of their beauty. Now hair symbolizes not only female beauty but a strong and confident woman.

Hair enhances your beauty, and hairstyles add charm to your look. The hairstyle changes the whole personality of a woman. Today, when women have many features and not much time to style their long hair, they prefer to keep their hair short so that it is easy for them to take care of their hair every day. Women are more visible when their hairstyles are appropriate for their profession. They look chic and carry out their duties with more confidence.

It is necessary to choose the right hairstyle and hair color following the shape of the face and skin color, which will make your image original, making yourself feel stylish and more noticeable. A good hairstyle looks stylish with healthy hair, shiny and voluminous, thus telling others that you are stylish and take care of your hair.

Women don’t want long, unhealthy, frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. They cut their hair short for easy looking after. Short hairstyles are currently very fashionable and very popular. You can look chic by choosing the right short hairstyle that matches your face shape. Some short hairstyles will look good on an oval face, some on a round face, and some on a square or triangular face. The right hairstyle makes it possible to look fashionable. Let’s see some trendy short hairstyles that are trending this season.

Layered bob for short hair

shoulder length hair

This is a beautiful short and layered haircut for thick hair. This haircut is for the modern woman who loves short hair. Brown hair looks stylish. Hair length reaches to the top of the neck, and layering is clearly visible. Dirty hair is good for this haircut; it makes it look fresher. The short layered bob is suitable for tall women with a beautiful figure for the summer season.

Two-tone layered hairstyle for short hair

shoulder layered hair

To match your hairstyle with style, you must choose a hairstyle that will suit everything. The two-tone hair color adds charm to the hairstyle and makes it more fashionable. This is a comfortable hairstyle with hair that falls lightly over the forehead, which adds a touch of femininity to the face. Combining a matte finish and a shiny, shiny hair texture with two different colors makes the hairstyle more playful and progressive. This trendy hairstyle suits women of all ages and almost their favorite styles of clothing.

Uneven bob

short hair styles

Uneven layered bob – This haircut is perfect for women with short and fine hair. Hair is cut unevenly to give it volume. In this case, the length of the hair reaches the neck. The hairstyle is divided into two sides, covering the jawline area on both sides of the face to complement and balance the shape of the face. This style is perfect for women with a square face. Bleached hair will work well with fair skin.

Out of the box white hair

low maintenance short layered haircuts

A gorgeous milky white short haircut with a subtle layering of white all over the head actually complements the woman in the picture. A haircut will compliment your daring look and make it more violent. Young girls often choose this haircut, but sometimes it can be seen in older women with gray hair who want to try something new. The haircut can be supplemented with a shaved head and temples.

Stylish Layered Pixie

fine hair short layered haircuts

This hairstyle is cut into high-low layers, and therefore, short hair is effortless to style. Hair stays short in the back and slightly longer on the front, creating a cool and comfortable look in hot summer weather. Side brushed hair looks a little messy, thanks to the shade of brown highlights. On the one hand, the hair is hidden behind the ear, and some layers on the side give it a sophisticated look. And on the other hand, the hair is longer and reaches the cheekbones, making the woman charming.

Bright platinum back hairstyle

shoulder length layered short hair

Women’s hairstyle combed back hair will give you a great look if your hair is bright platinum. The glossy and sleek finished structure in silky straight hair adds elegance to your look. In this hairstyle, the hair is held back long enough. A brilliant palette with a superb shade of platinum ash complements the hairstyle and adds an ultra-modern touch to it. This look is great for parties or any other event with a variety of clothing styles. Fashion women can use hair gel to create a wet look for this hairstyle in the summer.

Short hair with bangs

chubby face short layered haircuts

In this hairstyle, the hair reaches down to the jawline. Thick curly hair is styled into soft curls that make the girl more attractive. The slanted bangs cover the forehead, making you look a little cheeky. This brown hairstyle is suitable for a woman with a long face. The bangs falling on the forehead balance the shape of the face, giving it a modern look.

Bob haircut for medium hair

choppy short layered hair

This is a medium-length haircut with uneven layers to add a unique touch to your look. Gray black hair looks a little wavy, a little messy, and sleek, adding more feminine confidence to your style. Hair falls on both sides of your face and highlights your main features. In winter, this haircut will make you look a little warmer and more pleasant.

Fashionable short elf haircut

pixie cut

Pixie on short hair is very fashionable. Short hair can be styled in many different ways. In this photo, the haircut gives a boy-like effect to the back. A parted hairstyle looks wavy and a little messy. Some layers of hair falling over the forehead add zest to the feminine look, making it look stunning. On the one hand, the hair is hidden behind the ear, giving the face more openness and clarity. A short pixie cut is a great option when you want a neat and chic way to style your hair. This haircut will look good on girls and women of any age and give them a modern style.

Sloppy bob for short hair

Sloppy bob for short hair

A casual bob for short hair looks very fashionable, making it very popular in the fashion industry. It has a chic look and does not take long to style. In this photo, you can see a brunette with a short haircut in burgundy color. The girl’s hair looks cropped in the front and curls outward in the back, reaching the level of the ears. Since the hair is concise, the curls are beautifully touched to the cheeks, making you look beautiful. This look will make you a real Frenchwoman and keep you hot all summer long.

Natural Curly Medium Length Hair

thick hair short layered haircuts

Gone are the days when curly hair was out of fashion. Women with curly hair often visited salons to keep their hair straight and fashionable. Now curly hair looks very stylish and is in trend this year. The model in this photo looks very fashionable thanks to the soft curls and coiled bangs on her forehead. The chocolate brown color is perfect for your curls. Curly hair enhances the contours of your face and makes it look attractive.

Fashionable layered bob for short hair

choppy short layered haircut

There is very little or not enough time for styling in the modern businesswoman, so short or chin-length hair is trendy. Short hairstyles add a business style to a woman, which is why these hairstyles are popular among the businesswoman. In this photo, you will see a layered bob on short hair that enhances the beautiful features of the face. This style is suitable for a woman with straight hair. The bangs on the forehead are combed from one side to the other, adding a little youth to the face. Chin-length hair on one side looks very stylish, thanks to the tapered edges. Black is perfect for this look, adding style and confidence.

Multi-colored asymmetrical layered hairstyle

medium layered hair


Brunette girls can create brunettes and beige tones on their hair that will blend in a friendly way and enhance the texture of the hairstyle. Shades of colors will have a playful and attractive look thanks to the combination of matte and shiny hair. The hair is cut asymmetrically with different lengths in the front and back. A beautifully matched hair color with a milky whitish tint on the front side and a dark brunette on the other gives the hair depth and volume.

Blond with black roots on short hair

thick hair short layered hair cut

Short hairstyles are in vogue these days; if you want a new haircut, you can always do a short hairstyle. It will give you a new look and make you feel great. This blonde with black roots has wavy and chic hair. Thanks to the black roots, the woman retains her natural appearance. This style is most suitable for women with a round face. It is perfect for the summer season.

Golden glossy hairstyle

short layered bob

The glossy gold hair color can be used by women of all ages, from young girls to older women. Coloring this hairstyle will perfectly complement your evening outfit that everyone will notice.

Chin-length bob

medium layered hair

The Bob haircut is so popular that many celebrities use it in trendy and stylish hairstyles. This short haircut has become the first choice for modern women, easy to wear and easy to maintain. In this photo, you will see a stunning model with a chin-length bob. The wavy hair reaches the cheekbones, giving a very fresh and youthful look to the wearer. This trendy and stylish haircut is for all seasons and all ages.