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20 Short Braid Styles – How to Braid Short Hair for 2022

Summer is the perfect season for long and short braided hairstyles. Neat braids will help remove strands from the face in the heat and look luxurious. Interesting ideas will help you choose the right option for any hair. Comfortable braiding will help you forget about tangled hair in hot weather and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

An original hairstyle will make any look memorable. But in some situations, there is not enough time and effort for styling. African braids are a practical and stylish styling option that has confidently held the palm among creative hairstyles for many years.

Many techniques can be applied when deciding how to braid African braids. Therefore, any girl can choose the perfect option for her taste. The nuances to be considered are as follows: In the salons, two masters work on pigtails. Since there is not enough natural hair in some cases, synthetic materials are used. Often African braids are braided with a kanekalon. There are several reasons for this – the material is safe and does not harm the hair, the threads are woven along the entire length or only into the ends.

How to braid short hair

How to Braid Short Hair Cute braid styles for short hair Short hair braid Crown braid short natural hair Halo braid short natural hair Short braid styles

With the help of pins, you can add an unusual touch to your hairstyle. The short pigtails run along the sides straight below and pass behind the ear. The distinctive decor is suitable as an additional element to a graduated bob.

The half style is excellent for short braided hairstyles. It allows you to add splendor and volume to the strands. The semi-hairstyle looks perfect on a long bob.

Many loose strands and curls characterize the original look. The braid is located in the center of the back of the head. The braid starts as a Dutch braid and then continues as a fishtail and regular tail.

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Short braids look great with beaded decor. Miniature beads create special accents in the weave. The hairstyle is slightly messy.

You can achieve excellent weaving without observing symmetry. The Dutch braid is done on the front of the head and then descends from the side.

Three long braids are twisted into an original configuration in the form of flowers. This option is suitable for hair of any color. The hairstyle suits summer tops and off-the-shoulder dresses.

Box braid short hair Simple braid for short hair Goddess braid on short natural hair French braid short hair Short hair braid styles Short hair braid styles for black hair Double french braid short hair

A unique hairstyle will allow you to stand out at any event. Although making such a bouquet of hair is worth much effort. Small braids are made, which are woven into flowers, and then tied into a thick bow.

A beautiful braid is an excellent solution for long styling strands. Weaving begins above the back of the head and is performed in free volume.

Bundles of braids look very original and allow you to be creative. The braids start at the base of the neck and then twist to form floral designs.

To create a great hairstyle, you need to divide the strands in two. Dutch braids are then braided on each side. The two braids meet in the middle and end with a long tail.

Braids can be decorated with original accessories. A scarf is ideal as decor. A semi-braid is made in the form of weaving with a large number of loose strands. Weaving begins as a Dutch braid and ends with a fishtail.


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