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Short Bob Braids Hairstyles in 2022

Braided hairstyles give the image of elegance, beauty, and femininity. For this reason, many ladies are afraid to cut long curls, as they are sure that then they will have to give up their beautiful braids. But it’s not. We have collected braided hairstyles that will prove to you that short hair can also look amazing!

Side braid and bob haircut

Braids look great on any hair length, and short braided hairstyles look even prettier. If you have a bob haircut, then you can add weaving on one side only and get a great new look.

neck length braided bob hairstyles short bob braids hairstyles shoulder length bob braids hairstyles

Braiding for short hair

Those girls who want to look even more feminine can try pigtails on partly loose hair. The result will be so elegant that you will be doing this hairstyle all the time.

side part cornrow bob braids

Wavy bob with pigtail

Today, the trendy hairstyle is an asymmetrical bob. If a woman does not want to radically change her image, then you can find an easier way out. A pigtail on the side in a stylish bob haircut will create an asymmetry that will add novelty and luxury to the image.

shoulder length bob box braids

Feminine style

One small pigtail can drastically change the image of a lady. With the help of weaving, ladies create a very gentle and feminine look. To make the hairstyle look more romantic, it is worth diversifying it with light wavy curls.

shoulder length bob braids

Youth look

Young girls fell in love with different pigtails very much. On short hair, you can make French braids from the forehead itself. Thanks to the hairstyle, a woman will be able to remove all her hair, while the image will be very stylish and attractive.

short box braids

Beach waves

Hairstyle , which can be done every day or on occasion. Its base is a square and hair disheveled with light waves. To make the hairstyle look more festive, you can add a loosely woven braid, laid on the opposite side.

braids hairstyles cornrow bob braids

mohawk braids hairstyles

Side Braided Bob

This one is pretty easy to try. Using a hair straightener, style some waves at the ends of the hair. Part your hair on one side. Pick up some hair from the front of the side with less hair and weave it into a braid.
Tuck it under loose hair at the back of your head. This hairstyle looks especially great with coffee brown highlights on black hair as it adds texture and dimension to the look.

short bob braids hairstyles

Over the side braided bob

This dark-light color mix adds texture and dimension to the hair. Part your hair on one side. Weave a braid on one side, flip it to the other side and tuck it under the loose hair. Pancake the braid to make it look voluminous.

short braids hairstyles

Pay attention to the side fishtail, which is so popular today.

Just weave the braid in this way, lay it on the opposite side and do not forget to hide the elastic band under the strand of hair. With this hairstyle you will be dazzling anywhere.

bob braids hairstyles

Stylish French braid

Light and airy strands are easy to fix with hairspray and small hair clips. Such a masterpiece will amaze everyone around and will be appropriate not only in the office, but also at a party.

tribal braids

Nimbus with ombre.

A simple hairstyle, but at the same time stylish and beautiful. It is performed in the form of two braids, braided in the form of a crown, and untidy falling hair flows freely in light waves.

lemonade braids natural braids hairstyles


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