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Short Pixie Cuts for Heart Shaped Face 2022

Wide forehead, prominent cheekbones and pointed chin. The “heart” face automatically adds cuteness and a little childish naivety to the appearance of its owner. According to surveys, this form seems to be the most attractive for men.

However, according to all the rules, choosing a haircut and styling, we should strive to give the face a perfect oval shape. We tell you how to do it.

The classic pixie fully reveals the already rounded face. But the elongated pixie-bob that is relevant this season is what you need.

To balance the proportions, avoid volume at the temples, creating it at the level of the chin. The bangs can also be made longer, most importantly, not with a straight cut.

A naughty super short haircut? Why not. The main thing is to remember the rule: at the temples – shorter. Let the ears remain open, the upper strands can be tousled, and the bangs combed to the side. By the way, haircut garcon also rejuvenates great.

The main rule of heart-shaped bangs is to hide or reduce the forehead. Too thick, short or long bangs with a straight cut are not for you. Your options should be asymmetrical, chin-length and definitely lightweight.

The ideal bangs for the “heart” face are profiled, with elongated strands on the sides. It goes well with the hair collected in a hairstyle, adding airiness and a slight deliberate negligence to the image.

And this participant of our selection did not give rest to the nose – Iggy reduced it. In addition to rhinoplasty, the girl is suspected of using fillers, because now the singer’s chin looks different than 5 years ago.

Be that as it may, Iggy’s plastic is indeed jewelry. Not everyone can guess about interventions.

The same bean that never ceases to amaze us! The lower edge is not shorter than the chin line, the front strands are longer than the back ones, a clear cut – with such a haircut, the face becomes incredibly refined. The most modern version is performed on medium hair: from the middle of the neck and below.

Almost all pixies look great on a heart-shaped face. All those little pixie cut details help accentuate the cheekbones and eyes.

Pixies are easy to care for, just wash your hair and you’re good to go. However, every 5-6 weeks the haircut needs to be trimmed to maintain its original appearance. This haircut is especially good for owners of obedient, straight hair.

If you like longer lengths, then a long bob is a great choice for triangular faces. It accentuates the cheekbones and contours the face, while the layers subtly soften the chin.

Actress Ali Larter’s long, graduated bob with subtle waves is the perfect haircut for a heart-shaped face.


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