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Short Audrey Hepburn Haircuts to Copy in 2022

The secret to Audrey Hepburn’s success lies in her organic nature, she never followed the capricious fashion. Light, graceful, with huge languid eyes, she was fascinated at first sight. During this period, Hollywood is ruled by frivolous blondes, cheerful, liberated, and incredibly attractive.

The actress was the complete opposite, refined, restrained, not accustomed to showing violent emotions and differed in external data. Almond-shaped eyes, shrouded in sadness, lush eyelashes, thick, expressive eyebrows, a neat haircut of medium length. Everything is very simple, but incredibly harmonious, throughout her career she retained her natural beauty.

She styled her dark brown hair in high updos. But the options with loose curls did not look frivolous, defiant. Each strand, each curl is given attention, the symmetry of the lines emphasizes the aristocratic origin, impeccable taste, subtle sense of fashion.

Basic principles for choosing a hairstyle:

has thick curls of a straight structure of dark chestnut color;

rarely resorted to coloring, so the audience remembered only hairstyles with dark hair;
styling opens the face as much as possible, periodically creating short bangs that do not reach the eyebrow line;

the minimum amount of styling products used made it possible to create a neat shape, while maintaining the naturalness of the lines, there was no hint of artificiality;

hairpins, invisible hairpins helped to create classic hairstyles;

she preferred the golden mean when choosing the texture of her hair, did not use futuristic images with straight strands and small playful curls, a light wave with smooth curves emphasized the refinement and femininity of the actress.

What hairstyle was in childhood, youth

The future star was born in Brussels, on the mother’s side, the family consisted of aristocrats, military senior officials, courtiers, civil servants. Her grandmother was a baroness, her grandfather was a senior official in the Ministry of Justice, her father worked as an honorary consul.

The girl grew up in luxury, wealth, the rules of good manners were instilled from childhood. But World War II changed everything, famine led to the development of anemia and health problems.

Despite all the hardships and hardships, according to the memoirs of the actress herself, she had a happy childhood, bright periods overshadowed fear, constant anxiety.

Her haircut corresponded to the war period, a short bob with bangs made it possible to minimize the care of children’s hair. Dark curls have always been thick, even a simple haircut emphasized the cuteness of the baby.

Young Audrey worked as a nurse and at the same time took ballet lessons from famous dancers. She was predicted a bright future, but the famine suffered during the war years affected the girl’s health.

Without thinking twice, he decides to try his hand at acting. Bright external data, refined manners, gracefulness of the ballerina made it possible to quickly win the favor of not only the directors, but the entire film crew.

No less bright is the hairstyle for medium length. Thick, dark chestnut curls curl in a large wave, smooth curves emphasize huge eyes. The individuality of the image allowed him to create his own style, which was noticeably different from post-war fashion trends. Restrained modest styling, which required only a few invisibles, made a splash.

In the early 60s, the cult film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was released, the film became a landmark in the actress’s career. The role of a frivolous huntress for a rich husband was given not just to the restrained, sophisticated Audrey. But it was thanks to this heroine that the legendary little black dress was created in collaboration with Hubert Givenchy. Also, the “Shell” styling has become a classic of hairdressing. The hair is combed back and twisted in a spiral, a luxurious evening hairstyle is complemented by a light short bang.

Also, to participate in the filming, I had to lighten individual strands, highlighting emphasized the smooth curls of the festive styling. The image has become the standard of femininity and elegance, in the modern world does not lose its relevance.

looks great with a bob haircut, unlike a child’s hairstyle, prefers an elongated version. Does not use bangs, combs the curls back, ribbons and wide rims serve as fixation. The sections of the strands are laid evenly or with the tips outward. The hairstyle emphasizes the romance, lightness of the actress, allowing you to look stunning not only on the red carpet, but also in everyday life.


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