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Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut Ideas

Anne Hathaway is not only a charming woman and an excellent actress, but she is also a chameleon girl who achieves an incredible, sensual, and even youthful style with any hairstyle or cut. It is enough that one day she appears on the red carpet with blonde, brown, long, or pixie hair to draw sighs from whoever sees her.

But one of the styles that has characterized her the most and that has become the favorite of all fans is the pixie. This is how she taught us how to rock a great short style. Get inspired by her for your next cut, you won’t regret it.

Gradient fringe

short anne hathaway pixie cut anne hathaway pixie cut back view back anne hathaway pixie cut

The actress wanted to give her pixie a bit of dynamism and that is why she added more weight to the front, with this she intensified her look and gave her drama.

With the fringe to the side

bob anne hathaway short hair one day anne hathaway short hair feminine pixie cuts

If you want a fresher style, a pixie can be ideal for this and if you mix it with a thick fringe tilted to the side, then you will have a beautiful look that will turn eyes on you.

Pixie without pompadour

anne hathaway hair back anne hathaway pixie hair cut long pixie cut

No, the pixie is not only worn with fringe, you can also comb it back for a more sophisticated look. Also, wearing it this way can elongate your face and make it look slimmer.

shoulder length anne hathaway short hair

You don’t always have to wear an elegant and formal hairstyle, you can also wear it disheveled, so you will achieve a much more relaxed and dynamic look.

Short and symmetrical

anne hathaway bob anne hathaway haircut anne hathaway long hair messy anne hathaway pixie cut short anne hathaway pixie hair cut

During the premiere of the movie Batman: The Dark Knight, the actress wore a very small cut with almost no fringe. With this look, you can highlight your features, make her neck look longer, and her face sharper.

High and rowdy

anne hathaway pixie grow out pixie cut anne hathaway short hair feminine pixie hair cuts short pixie cut

This style of Anne was quite flashy and extravagant, but best of all, it also made her look very elegant. You can wear it disheveled and with a little height, which you can do with the help of a dryer and a round comb.


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