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Pixie Buzz Haircuts for Women in 2022

Long considered the ultimate symbol of femininity, long hair now gives way to short lengths. Minimalist and original, the shaved haircut for women is THE hot new hair trend. In addition to cracking all the models, the Buzz Cut still seduces movie stars and bloggers. Nowadays, shaving your head is no longer an idea reserved for men. The extra shortcut seizes many hearts because of a desire for drastic change.

feminine female buzz cut styles

Today, many women are seduced by the androgynous shaved haircut. This capillary change is tangible proof that feminine beauty codes have radically evolved. And the phenomenon is not new. Over the years, models, actresses, and singers have succumbed to the Buzz Cut: a revolutionary act that has encouraged many daring women around the world.

1 inch women's buzz cut with bangs

Given the fact that long hair is associated with women and femininity, the pixie cut is, therefore, an affront to the standards imposed by society. Being a form of independence and emancipation, the woman’s shaved cut is on the rise today. She exudes a strong personality and is a demonstration of self-confidence.

The shaved haircut for women: who is it for?

tomboy buzz cut girl

Before adopting the shaved woman cut, you must first know if the cut corresponds to the shape of your face. The Buzz Cut highlights any imperfection, so we forget it at all costs if we have, for example, a very long neck, a chubby neck, a square jaw, protruding ears, or even differences in hair density.

Shaved women’s cut: a real master key

fade female buzz cut

On the other hand, the xs mane can highlight the strengths of the face. The Buzz emphasizes the fine features, the big eyes, the shape of the lips, and the pretty cheekbones. The good news is that the woman’s shaved haircut suits all hair types. From the thinnest to the thickest, they have the right to it.

Short shaved haircut for women: goodbye to brushes and styling products

pixie female buzz cut styles

The Buzz Cut has obvious advantages. By adopting the xs mane, you benefit from significant time-saving. We say “goodbye” to brushes, straighteners, and any styling product. Taking care of your femininity remains a major priority.

female long buzz cut

Regarding the make-up to wear with your Buzz Cut, the right strategy would be to open your eyes as much as possible, using a good volumizing mascara. A red or burgundy lipstick is a must to highlight the mouth. In no case should the complexion be neglected, including that of the neck? Essentially, the blush adapted to the complexion will awaken the cheekbones. No question of underestimating the shape of the eyebrows!

Ideas to boost your Buzz Cut

feminine women's buzz cut with bangs

Do you think the pixie cut is unfeminine? Think twice before dismissing the idea. The woman’s shaved cut releases the nape of the neck while highlighting all the beautiful features of the face. Sensual effect guaranteed! Associated with a favorite make-up, the Buzz Cut will become your favorite beauty accessory.

edgy female buzz cut styles

Want a little wow in your short hair? So why not dare a trendy color? Platinum blond, silver gray, fluorescent, or pastel shades: the colors are suitable for all your desires. First, bet on a temporary color to test the effect. Experiment with the shades that make you happy and you won’t regret it.

buzz cuts for older ladies

It turns out that the female shaved cut is among the easiest to maintain. No dry ends, no problems. On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that regrowth is sometimes difficult to control. To tame them, you can use a little bit of wax or other styling product. Leaving aside its ease of maintenance, do not forget to make an appointment with your hairdresser at least every four weeks.

Jessie J

buzz cut fade

In summary, the Buzz Cut is the very embodiment of the free and emancipated woman. Rebellious and daring, this cut highlights the most beautiful features of the face. Its greatest merit: is to break the codes of beauty while giving an ultra-modern side to the look. Simple, daring, and frankly trendy, the woman’s shaved cut has not said its last word. Cara Delevingne, Amber Rose, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart…many stars are falling for the androgynous cut which is making its big comeback.

Natalie Portman

ultra short pixie buzz cut

Kristen Stewart

female buzz cut with bangs


buzz cut women

Charlize Theron

buzzed hair women

Amber Rose

buzz cuts for women

Keke Palmer

blonde buzz cut girl


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