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Updos for Black Women Hair to Try in 2022

As you know, there is no perfection in life – those with straight hair strive to curl them all, while those with curly hair straighten them no less earnestly.

Especially “unlucky for this” with representatives of the black race – their hair is not just curly with a small devil, but also hard and very elastic. There were not so many options for how to wear this hair.

Hard, short, very curly hair – that’s what black women got

Either a haircut with a ball or a huge ball a la Angela Davis – this is generally very few people. Or a tight twist of hair in bunches and all sorts of pigtails. Or just a fabric turban on the head, which covers this disgrace.

And what a disgrace – Afro-ladies have a very delicate problem: many people go bald with age, starting from the forehead and temples, and this also doesn’t color anyone.

Hair problems in black women sometimes begin at a very young age and worsen over the years. How can you do without a wig…

In general, hairdressing in the last thirty years in America has developed, it seems, under the pressure of the black hair problem. A variety of hairpieces and wigs and ways of their long-term and reliable fastening “went” especially well. And in general, they say, funds for “black” hair are perhaps the most profitable business in Negro neighborhoods.

With wigs, black women finally felt that they could wear a wide variety of haircuts, and not terrible balls or smoothly and tightly combed hair. And these wigs with soft hair, bangs, bob, long curls – how they suit most black women.

Those who watched the series “How to Get Away with Murder” remember a slightly shocking scene when a black woman lawyer, chic and luxurious, removes makeup and a wig at home.

And how immediately, in half a minute, she becomes twenty years older without a haircut, which suits her very well.

“How to Get Away with Murder” – Viola Davis herself wanted to part with her wig in the frame to draw attention to the complexities of black women

Now on the TV screen, it is difficult even to meet an African-American woman with natural hair – someone spends energy on regular straightenings, like Oprah Winfrey, and someone chooses a wig.

And wigs now are just a miracle of what they are, completely natural, firmly seated, you don’t even guess that the hair is not your own. Or rather, you can easily guess – just know that African-American women do not have straight, soft, and long hair.

Wigs are now made on thin nets that are glued and sewn to the head. The excess mesh is cut off at the edges (it even has “vellus hair” for the full effect), and the cut line is masked with foundation.

The wig is literally sewn to the remnants of hair – and a black woman looks younger at once for two decades

And that’s it, you can live in such a wig for several weeks as if it were your own straight, well-groomed hair. There are even studies that say that African-American women with straight hair find jobs much easier and have higher salaries than natural black ladies.

The point here is for several reasons at once – a woman with a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle feels much more confident, and employers give preference, other things being equal, to those black women who straightened their hair, considering this a manifestation of self-discipline and grooming.


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