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Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair 2022

There are more and more girls who choose stylish short haircuts because it is not only convenient but also fashionable, beautiful and unusual. Short haircuts can emphasize beautiful facial features, open the face and attract the attention of others, because not every woman can choose a short hairstyle.

Many girls believe that beautiful hairstyles cannot be made for short hair, we would like to dispel this myth. Although you can’t do hairstyles with braids or curls with a short haircut, there are many options for hairstyles for short hair.

First, let’s decide what kind of hair we will consider as short? Indeed, some consider short hair 5-10 centimeters, for others, short hair should be shoulder-length. Therefore, we will conditionally divide our article into 3 parts:
1. Hairstyles for concise hair;
2. Hairstyles for short hair up to the chin line;
3. Hairstyles for short shoulder-length hair.

edgy short pixie cuts feminine pixie cuts short pixie cut undercut pixie cut

Hairstyles for concise hair

To have a short haircut, you need certain courage, as usually, girls believe that the beauty of a woman is, first of all, in long hair. However, short haircuts can look both feminine and romantic, as well as daring, stylish, shocking. Many Hollywood stars have cut their long curls and swapped them for short hair. For example, short haircuts were chosen by such celebrities as Rihanna, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway.

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs
Bangs are a tool for realizing the wildest fantasies for short hairstyles. The bangs have thousands of variations, allow you to change the image in seconds, gives ground for experiments. With short hair, bangs become the accent of the hairstyle, it attracts the eye, creates the basis of your image.

Hairstyles for short hair with straight, smooth bangs look sophisticated and mysterious. In this case, the bangs can be made perfectly smooth, and the hair can be tousled or made light waves.

Smooth straight bangs perfectly with four of a kind, or haircut “Bob”.

To create a bright and extravagant look, a hairstyle for short hair with long bangs is suitable. Usually, long bangs are combed to the side, left smooth and straight, or textured with styling products. For an evening look, long bangs can be slightly curled.

round face short hair with bangs short hair with bangs 2020 short hair with bangs straight shoulder length short hair with bangs

Asymmetrical hairstyles for short hair
Asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles will give the image a unique chic, with such a hairstyle, the attention of others is guaranteed. Asymmetry can be expressed in different lengths of hair on the sides or, for less daring, you can choose a hairstyle for short hair with asymmetrical bangs.

chubby face asymmetrical haircut funky short asymmetrical haircuts pixie short asymmetrical haircuts asymmetrical bob

Hairstyles for short hair to the chin line
With this length of hair, you can endlessly experiment, creating various hairstyles and haircuts. Let’s start with the most popular options.

Bob hairstyle
The bob hairstyle is one of the most common among the fair sex. It is versatile, suitable for almost everyone, does not require special styling. The square always looks stylish and feminine, perfect for both everyday life and for going out. To give your hairstyle a festive look, you need to make the minimal effort: easy styling, hair shine, and you look gorgeous!

For bright and bold girls, short bob with straight bangs is suitable, for gentle and romantic ladies, a soft bob with smooth lines and transitions is suitable.

choppy chin length hairstyles fine hair chin length bob low maintenance chin length haircuts thick chin length hair

Combing your hair back
Sometimes it is enough to open your face to look new. Short hair is perfect for such a hairstyle, but only girls with a classic oval face shape can afford it. You can style your hair back in several variations, it can be slick styling, voluminous styling, or a hairstyle using hair accessories such as a headband or an elastic band.

For a smooth look, use a styling gel, comb back dry hair and apply some gel or mousse with a comb.

To create a voluminous hairstyle, you must first dry your hair well. If your hair itself is voluminous, then it is enough to comb it in one direction and sprinkle the hair with varnish. If the hair does not hold volume or styling, then add volume with fleece and only then fix the styling with hairspray.

messy slick back hair female messy slick back hair female slick back ponytail baddie cute slick hairstyles

Hairstyles for short shoulder length hair
With this length, you can afford not only styling but also various hairstyles and weaves. The shoulder length is very comfortable and practical, at the same time you remain feminine and graceful.

Bob hairstyle for short hair
A bob hairstyle means elongated strands in the front and shorter ones in the back. There are many types of bob hairstyles for short hair, it can be an asymmetrical bob, layered and torn bob haircut, bob haircut for curly hair.

This hairstyle suits girls and women of all ages, allows you to be in trend, and most importantly, it fits absolutely any appearance.

For bright and dynamic natures, you can choose a textured haircut or an asymmetric hairstyle, where long strands on one side are combined with ultra-short hair on the other.

For lovers of a feminine look, a calm bob haircut with soft outlines and smooth lines is suitable.

fine hair short bob haircuts layered short bob hairstyles short hair neck length bob cut thick hair short bob haircuts

Retro hairstyles for short hair
Of course, a hairstyle in this style is not suitable for a casual look, but such a hairstyle can be safely done for an event or gala evening. Retro hairstyles don’t require long hair, so short hair is great.

For short hair perfect hairstyles with curls and waves, which were undoubtedly popular in the olden days.

Vintage hairstyles are often decorated with matching accessories – ribbons, headbands, and other adornments.

retro vintage short hairstyles shoulder length hair vintage short hairstyles 50's vintage short hairstyles bob vintage short hair

Weaves and braids for short hair
Braided hairstyles can only be created for shoulder-length hair, as shorter hairs are unlikely to be braided.

Most often, the bangs are formed with braids, sometimes weaving can be located around the head. In any case, with shoulder-length hair, you can experiment with different weaves and braids, for example, try braiding a spikelet or a French braid.

simple white girl hairstyles white girl braids cute braids white girl braided white girl hairstyles

Hairstyle for short hair with curls
Curls will never go out of style, they are not only one of the most popular hairstyles for hair of any length, but they also come in many varieties.

If you have straight, shoulder-length hair with an even cut, then you can afford almost any curl from soft waves to zigzag curls.

For layered and cascading haircuts, neatly arranged medium-sized curls are suitable, small curls in this case should not be done, since the hair will stick out in different directions.

Choosing a hairstyle with curls, you can play with the location of the parting, it can be in the middle or on the side, straight or oblique, you can also completely eliminate the parting and comb your hair back.

On the basis of the curls, you can make various hairstyles, it is enough to pin the strands with the help of invisible ones, and you will get a completely new hairstyle. You can also lift your hair up and secure it with hairpins, creating the illusion of long hair.

To create a hairstyle with curls, you can wind the hair only from the bottom, and leave it straight at the top.

edgy short curly haircuts layered short curly haircuts natural short curly hair short curly hair bob


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