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Two Strand Twist Short Hairstyles for Women

Fall is on the way, and that means it’s time for a change of look. Whether you’ve been looking at the cute faux dreads hairstyle all summer long or want to try a new take on a tried and true style, now is the time or never.

Twists and braids are some of the most popular natural hairstyles right now. The best braided and twisted styles offer a wide range of versatility. Depending on your personal look, you can play around with the length, color, and texture.

Whatever style of twists or braids you choose, these looks are effortless to do on your own, at home. You can definitely go to a salon to get a more professional version of these styles, but you’ll find the “DIY” version to look just as good.

short natural hair twist styles

You will need to start by detangling your hair, either with your hands or with your brush. Once your hair is detangled, you will start to part it into small sections, which will make the twisting process more manageable.

To make a simple twist, you’ll start each section by taking a one-inch piece of hair and adding gel to the root. Marley hair or braided hair will be added to your hair as a braid for a few stitches. After two or three stitches, you will switch from the three-strand braid to the two-strand braid for the twist.

As you turn, make sure to go counterclockwise. This will prevent the twists from unraveling. Once you are done twisting your entire head, be sure to soak the ends of Marley’s hair in hot water, which will help seal in each twist.

two strand twist short hair twisted short natural hair

1) Medium length twisted braids hairstyle

A cute take on the standard kinky twist style is this medium-length ‘do.’ This shoulder-length style uses Marley’s hair to create slightly smaller twists for an adorable bob. Finish this look with curlers, which gives the hair an amazing body and an even more luxurious look.

short hair two strand twist

2) Asymmetrical twists of medium length

Asymmetrical hairstyles never really go out of style. Pair this look with some kinky twists, and you will achieve the perfect style. These twists are big and thick, like traditional twists. Use Marley’s hair to transform your hair into this asymmetrical style. Buy longer frizzy hair so that your twists extend a bit longer than the length of the bra straps. Keep your side part deep enough after you have completed your twist to complete the hairstyle.

two strand twist dreads

3) Short twisted bob braids with frizzy hair

Quick hairstyles are a must-have for anyone who likes to change their look frequently. If you need a quick hairstyle, choose a twisted, kinky style that only has volume. With shorter twists, your hair will be fuller and have more spring. Achieve this length by cutting Marley’s hair in half and twisting it until you reach middle ear length.

two strand twist

4) A frizzy bun half up and half down

The still flirtatious half up, half down bun hairstyle is an awesome look with kinky twists. This shoulder-length hairstyle allows all hair to sweep over, with the added balance of your kinky curls flowing to frame your face. Want to try the half-up hairstyle with your own hair? Start by using Marley’s hair for these medium-length twists. Finish the style by stacking your hair on top of your head in a cute bun.

real hair natural hair twist

5) Mini Twist Bob with Natural Hair

It’s not for nothing that bobs are a timeless, kinky hairstyle. Whether you’re hoping to break free from a heavy hairstyle or love the look of shorter locks, a bob is a way to let off steam at least once in your life. You can achieve this bob with little time and effort, whether using your hair or adding straight braids. Keep your twists small to get the smooth look of this bob. Use kinky braids in blonde or honey brown to add highlights.

twisted short natural hair twist styles

short natural hair

6) The kinky bun with side swoop bang

Cute toppers are a great option for anyone who wears twists. When going for a pop look, it’s best to keep the twists a bit smaller so that the side-swept style really works. If you want to style them yourself, feel free to spice them up using multi-colored hair – brown, honey brown, black – it all goes really well together!

two strand twist men short hair

7) Natural red shorts and frizzy kinky bob

If you want a little peek, try the curly bob. Try out this braided hairstyle using small twists in red color to complement the darker skin tones. Finish each twist with flexible rods for pretty quick curls.

two strand flat twist

two strand flat twist on short hair

8) Twisted mini bob with natural hair

The best part of a twisted bob is the time it takes to get it done. Instead of waiting an entire day to get a head full of box braids, you can achieve this quick and easy hairstyle in under a few hours! A short and adorable look like this twisted mini bob works well for women with short hair. Twist your own hair into mini twists. Once you are done, style your twisted bob with a cute scarf or headband.

cute short natural hair twist styles

9) Twisted bob the rascal with a shaved cut

Sexy braid styles work well when paired with shaved sides or a nice cut. Use crochet braids or twists to achieve this look. Are you ready to give this look some style? Run your twists down one side of your head, revealing the clean-cut below. Once you’ve completed your twist bob, you may want to keep the edge of your twists as blunt as possible to make this look as cool and trendy as you are. To keep the look fresher, be sure to shave your cut regularly.

medium length natural hair twist styles

10) Curly twisted updo with a side sweep

For a stunning braid style, try this curly twist updo. A lot of people don’t realize that they can do curly braids, but you can! With the right braid pattern, it is effortless to add a side sweep to your look. This twisted version of the classic hairstyle is done with smaller twists made into a high bun. Use rollers to give the ends of the twists tight curls. Create the bangs by sweeping a few twists in the front to the side of your face and tucking them into the bun.

natural short hair twist out styles

11) Braided twist with frizzy hair

Twist-outs are a staple of the natural girl’s hair bible. When it comes to great hairstyle ideas, a pretty twist is easily the best hairstyle. Whether you are using your own hair or hair extensions for your look, this style is a must-have for anyone who enjoys protective styles. Start your twist out with a base of braids. Get this hairstyle twist out by using pre-twisted crochet hair extensions anywhere you want to cover the cornrows. Finish the look by untwisting the hair to achieve a full head of beautiful frizzy hair.

short natural hair twist styles

13) Half up and half down beaded twists

Luscious twists like these give you plenty of room to play around with many different hairstyles. The half-up, half-down look is ideal for anyone who likes to add pearls to their hair. Use smaller twists for a long, flowing hairstyle. Once your twists are finished, pull half of your hair back to form a loose bun. Finish the hairstyle by adding pearl ornaments to your twists.

cornrow natural hair twist

two strand twist styles for medium length hair

14) Kinky Twist Bob with Crochet Hair

A super cute bob is one of the best options if you are looking for a change of hairstyle. This is one of the best hairstyles that are deficient in maintenance. The perverse bob adds a bit of spice to the traditional “do.” Use pre-twisted crochet hair to achieve that perfect look. When you’re done, play around with beads and hair adornments to add a little boldness to your style.

natural hair styles

15) Short Kinky Bob Story With Highlights

Do you like little twists? Then you will like this little look. What makes this look really pop is the surly side of the kinky bob and the lovely complementary tones of brown and blonde. You can achieve this hairstyle by twisting your own hair or twisting it with kinky braided hair. Play around with different hair colors to achieve a simple and fun hairstyle. Be sure to use plenty of gel if you are twisting your own hair – the more gel, the smoother the result.

two strand twist on short 4c hair


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