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1970’s Short Haircuts

Many recognize the seventies of the XX century as filled with eccentricity. During this period, various spheres of contemporary art developed rapidly: music, cinema, television. Fashion does not lag behind, striking with variety and freedom. Clothing styles become comfortable and practical, colors become bright. Women’s hairstyles from the 70s delight with elegant casualness, which is confirmed by numerous photos of that period.

Modern fashion often gives a message to plunge into history, bringing long-forgotten trends of the past years to the podium. And now, styling in the spirit of the seventies is often shown by celebrities.

Historical aspects

The world in the 70s took a break from high-profile events. The people strove to live in full force, manifesting themselves in various spheres. Ardent defense of the freedoms and interests of the masses continues. Women are even more compared in terms of rights than men. Feminist sentiments are everywhere. Men in the civilized world actively defend the rights to the removal of military service.

In general, the seventies are characterized by various advances towards changes and transformations that brought the quality of life to the level existing in the present. The mood of the masses of the decade since 1970 has been conducive to relaxed behavior, concentration on their own interests and desires.

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Characteristic features of hairstyles

Considering the unusual fashion trends of the 70s, there was no need to complement the image with a complex hairstyle. Women preferred simple haircuts that did not require tedious styling. For the first time, loose long hair in a natural form came into fashion.

Among the models of haircuts, new items that appeared during this period were popular:

  • Sasson ;
  • “Aurora” ;
  • “Gavroche” ;
  • “Pixie”.

layered shaggy short hairshort shaggy hairstyles over 50

Options do not need complex styling, support feminist sentiments, allow you to look elegant, but restrained. Such haircuts “pacified” the style, the riot of colors of the outfit.

Long hair was not only worn loose. Loose braidsbundlestails are in fashion. Naturalness becomes the main rule of fashionable styling. The hair is not exposed to excessive: fleece, perms, creating complex compositions. The high ponytail comes into vogue.

The simplicity of the 70s hairstyle was offset by the use of accessories. Hairpins with stones, voluminous flowers, bows are used. Headbands, ribbons, beads were used.

An important point! A characteristic feature of the hairstyle for medium hair is the curling of the strands outward. The variant successfully emphasizes feminine fragility. In combination with a small fleece of the crown, an elegant image is created.

1970's short gypsy haircut bob 70s short hair

Who suits

Many of the trends of the 70s are back on the wave of popularity. This also applies to hairstyles. Celebrities and women alike often do hippie styling. Haircuts “Session”, “Pixie” remain in demand. The options are easy to combine with different external data. It is more difficult to notice on women a characteristic hairstyle in the form of an elongated square with a slightly raised crown, tucked out ends.

The styling of the seventies is simple to perform. All women can afford options. Hairstyles can really be done on your own. Most of the styling is appropriate to combine with different styles of clothing. Haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for ladies of all ages.

Styling your hair in the style of the 70s is real for everyday life. The hairstyles of those years differ little from the options characteristic of our time. The only thing is that the styling of the seventies is difficult to combine with a business style. Variants are rarely used to create formal looks that are not based on a retro style with an outfit that matches the hairstyle.

80's 80s hairstyles for short hair 80s hairstyles

General recommendations

Seventies hairstyles are simple. It is quite possible to do the styling yourself. Model haircuts (“Session”, “Pixie”, “Aurora”) are laid in shape, using a hairdryer, a round brush. It is possible to add texture using a styler, curlers. Long hair is left in its natural form, with a loose braid or a loose bun. Any of the options will require a minimum of tools and time.

70s hairstyles emphasize natural hair. This obliges you to keep your hair in order. Split ends should not be allowed. Hair must be clean. It is recommended to choose the right hair care products. It is advisable to periodically make masks, other active influences to maintain the health of the strands.

In the fashion of the 70s, the manifestation of individuality. Women strive to surpass each other with the brightness and uniqueness of their outfits. This does not apply to hairstyles.

hippie 70s hair 70s short curly hair

Attention! There is no need to do a breathtaking pile, curl or form unthinkable structures on the head. Simple enough, but elegant styling.

Modern variations

“Pixie”, “Sasson”, characteristic haircuts of the 70s, are still popular today. The methods of stacking such forms have not changed significantly since that time. The only difference is that they try to give more feminine volume to short haircuts. Haircuts like “Session” for medium hair length are now not customary to twist outward.

An interesting option would be a haircut like a cascade or an elongated bob for medium or long hair. The hair is left loose. The hair near the face is curled outward. The ends are left straight or twisted, like the protagonist of the famous film of the mid-70s “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”.

It is impossible to ignore the hippie style that was popular in the seventies. Modern girls often adopt the techniques of fashionistas of those years. Hair is left loose or collected in a braid. The negligence of the image is encouraged. Be sure to use a characteristic accessory: a cord, ribbon, or scarf, which is put on the forehead.

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