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Short Tapered Haircuts for Women over 40 in 2023

If you want to change your hairstyle in 2022, look no further from our selection of ideas reserved for the short tapered haircut for women. They will give you plenty of inspiration for the next season and for the year to come. At the same time, if you already have short hair but are bored of the same old hairstyle, you can avoid the drastic change by adopting a new hair look. In fact, something as simple as a few inches of tapered hair could really make a remarkable difference. Read on and find out why the short tapered haircut is a must-consider choice.

The tapered short haircut: who is it for?

easy short hair 40

Full of energy and movement, the short tapered haircut is a great choice for women of all ages. This hairstyle releases the nape of the neck and highlights the most beautiful features of the face. With or without bangs, in Pixie, degraded or asymmetrical version, we can afford everything. Ideal for sporting your naturally gray hair or, on the other hand, your new trendy color, the tapered cut for short hair is a versatile and versatile style to adopt without hesitation. In addition, it is ideal for women who want to have an elegant hairstyle that is easy to maintain. The modest length allows for super-simple everyday styling while guaranteeing a chic look every time.

Why succumb to a short tapered haircut for women?

hairstyles for over 40 and overweight

The tapered shortcut is generally composed of a multitude of varied layers whose ends are worked to give a spectacular volume effect. This hairstyle is therefore ideal for fine and sparse hair as well as for hair that has lost its volume. Other benefits of tapered hairstyles include:

  • The hair gains movement and fullness.
  • The multitude of layers and tapered locks are perfect for boosting a simple bob, a pixie cut, or even a bowl cut.
  • Depending on personal desires, you can make a tapered fringe, short or long, to hide a wide forehead and, on the other hand, draw the gaze towards the eyes.
  • The modest length of the hair and the different layers show off the hair color. The effect is even more amazing on a sweep.

The tapered boyish short haircut

short choppy hairstyles for over 40

low maintenance hairstyles for 40 year old woman

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ famous boyish tapered short haircut is a real inspiration for women who are considering taking the plunge. It couldn’t be easier and more convenient to maintain and style, this hairstyle is perfect for oval faces. A daring version is to adopt the micro fringe which is always tapered to clear the forehead. To make caring for your short hair even easier, don’t hesitate to sport your natural color. Gray is currently modern, so enjoy the moment.

Short tapered hair with side bangs

low maintenance easy short hair 40

If you’re not ready to go extreme short, here’s a variation of the cropped cut that will allow you to maintain some length, no matter how modest. The locks that descend around the neck are tapered so as to give a teasing look to the hair. Still, actress Sela Ward opted to sport side-parted bangs that elegantly frame her face. Fine caramel streaks stand out by bringing more light into dark hair.

A caramel ombré lends a refined look to the short tapered haircut

chubby face low maintenance hairstyles for 40 year old woman with fine hair

What’s particularly special about this short tapered haircut above is the flattering shape that frames the face beautifully. On the other hand, the wispy bangs flow down the forehead nicely without taking the focus away from the eyes. Also not to be overlooked is the superb shaded caramel coloring which sublimates the complexion while gently contrasting with the natural dark base. To style, your hair like actress Lisa Rinna, arm yourself with a hair dryer and a round brush without forgetting to apply a styling product adapted to the nature of your mane.

The tapered Pixie cut for a modern and versatile look

thin hair hairstyles for fine hair over 40 long pixie cut

low maintenance short natural haircuts for black females

The Pixie cut is very trendy and it can be styled in many ways to make you look great all year round. Whether you have thin or thick hair, the tapered Pixie cut suits all hair textures. It’s one of the favorite hairstyles for women over 50, and with good reason. Easy to style and maintain, it allows you to be daring in your choice of bangs and coloring. So, get creative and experiment to sport a modern look.

The Pixie bob cut on short tapered hair

thick hair short haircuts

Highlights show off tapered hair layers

low maintenance short haircuts

Tapered hair brings volume and movement to the hairstyle

fine hair thin hair low maintenance short hairstyles
edgy short pixie cuts

A pixie bob cut is ideal for ladies over 40

long pixie cut
tapered haircut female

The tapered Pixie cut in its classic versionhaircut for women over 40 hairstyles for women over 40

A short tapered haircut sported by Sharon Stone

haircuts women short choppy hairstyles for women over 40
short hairstyles


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