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20 Spiky Haircuts for Women in 2022

We all know how popular spiky hairstyles are in this era of fashion. Some men and women prefer cool spiky haircuts because they are stylish, trendy, and unique. Spiky haircuts are not exclusive; they are suitable for a few people. Haircuts for spiky hair can be well customized according to preference. In the modern era, several types of spiky hairstyles range from options to sub-options, whether for formal or informal events or occasions.

The faux hawk is a customized version of the mohawk hairstyle. The only difference between this hairstyle and the original mohawk is that the faux hawk has more side hair than the actual mohawk, with the latter usually going hairless or with shaved sides. The faux hawk is one of the trendiest spiky hairstyles, perfect for both men and women and, after all, perfect for both formal and social occasions.

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If you are looking for a more mature spiky hairstyle for formal occasions, this hairstyle is for you. Short, spiky hair is effortless to maintain and can be styled in less than a minute. This is a very masculine hairstyle indeed. Short spiky hair is now the modern spiky hairstyle and is very useful due to its ability to easily handle a lot of outfits and the face shape that is the main element of most short hairstyles.

The gothic look is now a decent spiky hairstyle and a more feminine spiky hairstyle that can be easily complemented with the hair color of your choice. A gothic look can be mimicked like a man’s hairstyle but looks especially good on a woman. The gothic look can be longer or shorter as you choose and can be a great hairstyle for any festive occasion. This look can be complemented with additional accessories because of the many gothic hairstyles available at your fingertips. If you are not sure if you will do your hair, you have the choice to contact a professional who will help you.

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