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15 Ginger Hair Colors for Women in 2022

Girls with naturally red hair are accustomed to the attention of others. With this hair color, it is difficult to go unnoticed, and in case you like to impress with catchy images, dyeing in red will come in handy. In this palette, there are many shades, among which everyone can find “their own.”

In life, red hair is often found in girls of the “spring” color type with fair skin with a warm undertone and light eyes (blue, green, or hazel). Freckles can be a characteristic feature of your appearance. In this way, golden-red hair without bright red pigment looks harmonious.

Strawberry blonde hair Auburn hair Bright red hair color

Red-red hair color, fiery red, and auburn blue-eyed are contraindicated. Blue eyes against their background will look brighter, but the image will be unnatural. Therefore, it is better to choose more natural shades without a “flashy” redhead. Honey, caramel, golden ginger is more suitable. Choose lighter variations of these colors.

But green-eyed girls can afford the whole range: light red and auburn hair color, natural reddishness, and highly bright shades of red-orange, like from a can of paint.

Bright red hair Burgundy red hair color Copper ginger hair color Copper hair color Dark copper hair Dark red hair Dyed ginger hair Ginger hair color on black girl Ginger hair color palette Light ginger hair color Natural ginger hair color Orange hair


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