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20 Wolf Haircuts for Girls

The she-wolf haircut is the embodiment of brightness and rebelliousness. The description of the hairstyle emphasizes that this look will suit any girl who wants to stand out from the crowd. The execution technology is distinguished by its simplicity and the ability to create an individual style with notes of intrigue and charm.


The she-wolf haircut, due to its appearance, evokes associations with self-confident and purposeful girls. This hairstyle first appeared in the late 80s, when there was active propaganda of rock and roll in the world along with the freedom of rebellion. At the expense of the “she-wolf”, it was possible to emphasize your image, filled with the strength of mind and willfulness. The styling completely repeated the style of the rockers and fit perfectly into their rhythm of life.

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This female hairstyle gets its name from the look that looks like the head of a wolf. This is an imitation of an angry beast, where the hair sticks out in different directions and is tousled. The length of the curls gradually increases in the direction from the crown region to the neck. Such associations with an animal are not accidental. This is because a menacing wolf with disheveled hair was most often depicted on the leather clothing of rockers.

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At first, the “she-wolf” was created by hand. Rock lovers, either personally or with the help of their friends, cut their curls in a torn way. This helped to acquire a casual look. In the future, this style became popular; it was possible to create a similar hairstyle in hairdressing salons. The styling is carried out by combining two well-known haircuts: ladders and Gavroche. The area of ​​the crown is greatly shortened, and the increase in length is carried out using steps. There are no smooth outlines in multilevel boundaries. For this reason, the entire hairstyle looks torn.

The she-wolf haircut has the following features.

  • Like all options with asymmetry, the hairstyle was able to give the female image a little bit of intrigue. When combined with the appropriate style of clothing, you can enjoy the admiring glances of men and the envy of other women.
  • With this hairstyle, you can hide facial imperfections. Since the cheekbones and cheeks will be covered with curls, it will turn out to hide the fullness of angularity in these areas.
  • Ease of styling is due to the use of a hairdryer and special mousses. The haircut can be used for a variety of every day and evening hairstyles. It will be easy to create styling even at home.

In most cases, simply blow-dry your hair and touch it with your hands. It takes a minimum amount of time, which is also an advantage.

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Who is it for?

This haircut will suit any lady. The only limitation is the style of clothing. “She-wolf” will not suit shy women and lovers of a classic look. It is best to combine styling with styles such as grunge, punk, street-casual. The hairstyle will go well with hair of any length and structure.

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For medium and short

For medium to short hair, the hairstyle is also suitable. It gives attractiveness and zest to the look. The occipital region is formed due to shallow steps, the contour part will be cut at an angle. By experimenting with different hairstyles, you can choose the right style to suit any face. There are no framing restrictions in the haircut. The master can choose the optimal design for each type of oval.

wolf cut wavy hair wolf cut with bangs wolf cut with curtain bangs wolfcut hairstyle

On a short length, this haircut shows an open neck and slightly covers the ears. Outwardly, the hairstyle looks like a hat. It is no secret that many girls choose this style because the “she-wolf” retains its shape for a long time.


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