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1 Year Old Boy Haircuts in 2022

Parents always want their child to look beautiful, no matter how old he is. But it is pretty difficult for a baby under two years old to make an original hairstyle because children of this age are somewhat restless. What haircuts are suitable for boys under two years old, and what features of hairstyles do you need to consider when choosing? Let’s figure it out.

fade 1 year old boy haircuts toddler 1 year old baby boy hairstyles

1 year old fade baby boy haircuts toddler boy haircut


These hairstyles have medium-length hair. They are characterized by perfectly straight lines, a strict form. This includes options such as Canadian, model, British.

curly hair fade baby boy haircuts


Here the hair is cut shorter; most of the hair is created using a machine. The classics of sports haircuts are haircuts – tennis, boxing, hedgehog, playground.

1 year baby boy hair style curly hair toddler boy curly haircuts mixed toddler boy curly haircuts fade little boy haircuts


Recently, it has been quite popular to add a little creativity to regular haircuts, for example, by shaving various patterns cutting out asymmetries.

2 years baby boy hair style


The hairstyle should look neat and not require unique styling.

baby boy haircuts for thin hair boys haircuts

Hair type

The choice of haircut also depends on the thickness of your child’s hair.

So, for owners of thin hair, hairdressers advise using “torn” haircuts with different lengths of curls. And also, for this type of strand, terse hairstyles are suitable.

Even if thin hair has curls, long loops should be avoided, as they look far from aesthetically pleasing.

Coarse hair gives more options for choosing a stylish hairstyle. Both short and long haircuts are suitable for such hair.

If your baby has relatively thick curls, then cut them short in most cases, “the hand does not rise.” Bob or bob haircuts are perfect for this type of hair.

toddler boy haircuts for wavy hair

Face shape

It is also a determining factor when choosing a hairstyle for your boy, regardless of his age.

It is better not to choose haircuts with straight, thick bangs for kids with a round face. Asymmetrical hairstyles, as well as “torn” cascading haircuts, are suitable for this form. You should not wear a straight parting and a large volume near the face; for chubby boys, the book at the crown will be enough.

For boys with a triangular face shape, choosing a haircut with volume at the cheekbones is better, but do not forget that the curls should not go into the eyes.

Hair color has almost no effect on the haircut. So no matter if your boy has blond or dark hair, you can choose any hairstyle based on the above.

wavy hair baby haircut trendy toddler boy haircut

How to lay?

Hairstyling for boys under two years of age should be easy.

The child may be afraid of the hairdryer, or he will not like the warm air that will blow from the device. In addition, exposure to elevated temperatures can damage children’s curls.

Various styling products are also unacceptable at this age; they can damage the hair structure.

All that needs to be done to make the hairstyle look good is to pat your hair well with a towel after washing your hair, apply a baby product to the curls for easy combing if necessary and comb it, giving the strands the desired position.

Do not let your child lie down until the hair is dried. And then, the hairstyle will look neat even without the use of styling products and styling devices.

curly hair little mixed boy haircuts

short boys haircuts

Modern hairdressing specialists offer a wide selection of trendy hairstyles for little boys. Here are options for stylish head designs for babies under two.

cute 1 year old baby boy haircut
A Canadian with tight curls is an original version of a hairstyle when the beauty of curls remains, but they do not interfere with your child.
kids fashion hair style boys


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