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12 Year Old Boy Haircuts in 2022

Every mother wants her beloved child to look stylish. Long gone are the days when boys were cut bald or “under the comb” – today, more and more teenage boys prefer spectacular haircuts, demonstrating good taste and personality. Stylists offer a wide selection of hairstyles for teenagers of various lifestyles, characters, and types of appearance.

Choice according to age

Adolescence is a period of rapid development of the child’s personality; during this period, every slightest adverse external factor can deliver many unpleasant experiences and even cause severe mental trauma. At this age, children are trying to impress others, so they begin to experiment with their appearance and, in particular, with hairstyles.

An inept haircut can cause barbs and ridicule from peers, which gives rise to many complexes, and until the strands grow back, the young man will be troubled. But a well-chosen hairstyle is capable of much – it adds confidence to the child, helps to realize oneself as an adult, forms a favorable image among peers. The main thing is that teenagers get the opportunity to look at themselves from a new angle – and this is a significant step on the difficult path of self-acceptance.

fade boys haircut

At the age of 11-12 years old, boys are gradually transforming from funny little boys who love playing soldiers into guys with many pretty adult hobbies, including girls, which is why choosing the right hairstyle is very important. However, when selecting, one must be guided primarily by the characteristics of the boy’s character; it is necessary to consider the teenager’s temperament.

So, light waves and smooth lines are perfect for athletes and fidgets, but a sports hairstyle that allows you to try a variety of styling will be precisely what you need.

short boys haircuts

In addition, you can focus on many other factors.

  • The length and density of the hair. For example, you cannot make a cascade on a short head of hair, and on thin hair, a Canadian will look genuinely ridiculous.
  • Features of appearance. For round faces, it is better to choose asymmetrical haircuts. For square ones, it is worth giving extra volume to the crown.
  • Child’s age. So, for example, a mohawk on a young man of 14-15 years old will be very effective, but for a 9-10-year-old boy, he is completely useless.
  • The difficulty of installation. Be sure to think about this question in advance. If the boy does not have the opportunity to style his haircut every day, it is better to use less troublesome options.

fade little boy haircuts short cool 10 year old boy haircuts

Professionals today use the most advanced technologies, thanks to which the range of boyish haircuts has expanded significantly. In the current season, the primary trend is the absence of any standards and pronounced contours.

Style selection

Despite the abundance of individual factors considered when choosing a hairstyle, leading trends dictate their fashion and their own rules.

The haircut of a modern teenager must certainly be multi-level; that is, short strands must be combined with long ones; a machine performs even a typical hedgehog in a fashionable design with 2-3 nozzles.

hair style boys

A stylish hairstyle necessarily has asymmetry. Usually, torn edges are made out, and sharp transitions are made in trimmed strands; a combination of an elongated crown and shortened temples are famous.

simple hair style boys new look hair style boys

Any self-respecting dude in the current season has a bang; the only exception, perhaps, is young men with a low one – falling strands covering half of the face are directly contraindicated for them.


Twelve-year-old boys are hardly interested in classic hairstyles; they tend to be different so that the haircut fully reflects the inner self-perception and personality of the boy. Caesar is a great option; he departs a little from the classic canons of boyish haircuts, but at the same time, fully corresponds to the style of the school dress code.

perm for 12 year old boy kids fashion hair style boys

With such a hairstyle, the length of the strands of hair is approximately 5 cm; all of them indeed lie in the forward direction, they certainly make out the bangs.

This hairstyle is effortless to fit – you need to comb your hair, and if they are thin and naughty, you can also smear it with styling mousses.


This is a pretty popular men’s haircut, ideal for strong and courageous boys.

A characteristic feature of such a haircut is that here the shortest (no more than 3-4 cm) strands are located on the crown itself, there is a short-cut temporal part, the back of the head is also shaved. This hairstyle is reasonably practical, it does not need any styling, and for its design, you need only scissors, as well as a typewriter. The line of transition from the shortened hairs in the back of the head to the highest point on the top of the head is clearly defined or smooth.

boys haircuts long on top fade haircut

Long bob

For shy and slightly romantic boys with a thin build, you can try an elongated bob. Particular attention should be paid to the bangs: this season, hairdressers recommend making them long, which makes it difficult to do homework and read because, with any tilt of the head, it begins to fall into the eyes and cause significant discomfort.

That is why boys of school age should focus on options with short bangs.

curly hair 10 year old mixed boy

long boys haircuts


In this case, strands of several lengths are cut, and the temples are left shaved. This model is optimal for too thick hair – it allows you to cut your hair without damaging the structure of the strands. This option is optimal for teenagers 12-13 years old.

cute boys with curly hair 13


On boys of 10-12 years old, a short Canadian looks very stylish; some call this haircut “sharp strands” in this version, individual strands are left relatively short, so it will be much easier to style them. This option is suitable for teenagers who have already begun to take care of themselves but do not yet have the skills to “communicate” with foams and mousses.

curly hair boys


This spectacular hairstyle makes a real macho out of a young man. With this technique, the temples and the back of the head are shaved, and the bangs and crowns, on the contrary, are made somewhat elongated. If desired, such a bang can be combed back, changing its appearance.

cute boys with curly hair 11 10 year old boy haircuts

This style is very convenient for teenage boys because the hair does not interfere, but it looks intense. This universal haircut suits almost everyone, regardless of face and hair structure. The only exception is the owners of triangular faces since, in this case, the undercut can further emphasize the angularity of facial features. The disadvantages of a haircut include the need for its constant styling – here, it is imperative to use wax or foam; otherwise, it will not give the strands the desired direction.

Modern bob

Boys with wavy hair can recommend a stylish modern bob; hairstyles with short bangs are especially relevant this season. At the same time, the square itself is performed a little rounded, milled, and formed with a straight or side parting.

boys haircuts


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