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1 Year Old Haircut in 2022

Baby’s hair has already grown well… a little haircut is in order! Unless it’s too soon? Answer all your questions on the subject.

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When is the right time to cut baby hair?

It all depends on how hairy the baby is, but usually not before a year. Up to six months, her “first hair” grows and then falls out following a hormone drop, normal after birth. So unless you have a troublesome lock, please wait until your child’s first birthday for their first haircut.

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Does the cut weaken the hair?

No, it does not reinforce regrowth either but helps to rebalance it because the first hairs do not grow uniformly. His skull tends to become bald more quickly due to repeated rubbing with the sheets. It is also an opportunity to clear the face, ears, and neck to prevent hair from sticking to the neck.

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Is it possible to do it yourself?

Yes, as long as it’s just a few touch-ups. Place your baby in his high chair to hold him in place. Get some blunt-ended scissors (used to cut children’s nails) and explain to him what you’re doing so he doesn’t worry because it’s all new to him!

Cutting baby hair is not always easy because little blond heads get restless. To limit his movements, put him in his high chair and tie him up. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a third person to distract your cherub and entertain him while you take action.

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Is the cut done on dry or wet hair?

It is better to do it on dry hair to avoid unpleasant surprises (if they have just been washed and are wet, they will appear longer). Start at the nape of the neck as this is where they grow fastest; keep the lengths up and between your fingers for maximum security.

To cut baby hair in the best way, always keep in mind to keep it simple. Do not try to achieve a gradient or even a fringe; your hairdresser will do it when the time comes. Likewise, do not refresh too much. It is better to repeat the exercise in a few days than to sacrifice your child’s pretty mane.

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When to go to the salon to cut baby’s hair?

Between six months and a year if you are uncomfortable with a few touch-ups or when baby needs a “real” first haircut. To facilitate this first meeting, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice on the right time to come. Off-peak hours will surely be more suitable to limit the noise of hair dryers or the heady smell of coloring.

Also, consider that a hair salon is unfamiliar for your child. Therefore, your little one must be in the best possible mood to avoid crying spells. Before cutting the baby’s hair, we will ensure that he has a full stomach, that he has taken his nap, and that he has been changed. Enough to put the odds on your side so that his first haircut goes well.

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