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4 Year Old Girl Haircuts in 2022

Choosing a hairstyle for a little princess is not easy because there are so many different haircuts and styling, braids and ponytails, hairpins and bows, and this is not the whole list. It’s no secret that the first stylist in a girl’s life is her mother. It is the mother that the baby tries to imitate from a very early age both in behavior and in clothes. Perhaps she will want a haircut, like her mother. Psychologists advise reckoning with the young lady’s opinion. If her opinion radically differs from yours, do not cut off the shoulder but find an interesting explanation for your refusal. It is worth noting that mothers often postpone the development of taste in girls “for later.” This is a big mistake. Your little fairy’s preference should be developed from a very early age – for example, by choosing a neat and beautiful hairstyle together.

medium hair cut for girls
short baby girl hair cut style

How to choose?

To begin with, to simplify the task, you need to decide on the length of the baby’s hair because it will affect all other aspects of the choice. Here’s what to take into account.

  1. Length. The hairstyle should be beautiful and comfortable. The younger the girl, the more it is recommended to do short hairstyles since the hair at an early age is most often thin and fragile, and pulling with elastic bands harms blood circulation.
  2. Face oval. It is a mistake to think that selecting a haircut according to the type of face is a lot of adult fashionistas. Little beauties also need a personalized approach. For example, short haircuts are more suitable for princesses with an oval face, a thin physique, and long hair with asymmetric elements is ideal for chubby fashionistas.
  3. Bang. If your daughter’s hairstyle includes bangs, make sure that it does not get into her eyes and does not interfere with her vision. When the bangs in the hairstyle are elongated, fix it with hairpins or invisible ones.
  4. Accessories. Girls at any age love all sorts of hair clips, bows, sparkles, headbands, regardless of the length of their hair and hairstyles. Create a box for your little one to store these treasures. Good taste is instilled from childhood.
  5. Accuracy. To always look well-groomed, the girl should be explained that the hairstyle can become shaggy several times during the day, and it would be good to correct her comb from time to time. Accordingly, the type of haircut and the hairstyle itself should be chosen depending on the ability of your daughter to straighten her hair on her own.

hair cut for 4 year girl little girl haircuts with bangs

For four years old

The little lady’s hair is already quite strong for a more extensive range of hairstyles at this age. You can safely wear an elongated bean, different variations of the caret – ladder, graduated, classic. A ladder haircut is especially recommended for girls with thin hair, as it creates the impression of volume.

Be guided by the level of comfort for choosing a haircut. At this age, children are very active, so the hairstyle should not cause inconvenience.

5 year baby girl haircut little girl hairstyles


The classic version is a strictly geometric shape and usually includes a straight, thick bang. This type of haircut is perfect for owners of wide and straight hair. Girls with thin hair should opt for a multi-level bob, a ladder, or a graduated bob. Kare does not require special care, so it is the best haircut for little fidgets and older fashionistas.

short hair little girl haircuts shoulder length little girl haircuts with bangs


This hairstyle keeps its perfect shape in any condition and is an efficient and convenient option. On the page, bangs and hair are cut along the same line. This haircut looks great on girls with a round or oval face and thick hair.

short haircuts for girls


It looks perfect on a naughty little girl and an adult girl. This hairstyle is versatile, easy, and practical. Bob forms a voluminous nape with a gradual lengthening as it approaches the face. The classic bob includes caret elements, namely, a straight cut line. There is a wide variety of designs for this haircut so you can choose a transient model for any face.

little girl haircutshairstyle for 4 year girllittle girl shoulder length bob haircuts


Usually performed on short or medium hair. It is made in layers, with a “cap” on the back of the head and the presence of a bang.

toddler haircuts girl 7 year old haircuts girl girls haircut

Sesson (sesson, sessun)

Charming, timeless retro haircut. It does not require special care; it is performed on short and medium hair. The essence of the haircut is in a thick and even bang, which smoothly flows in the temple area into the central hairline. It is not recommended to do on curly curls and owners of a round face. For chubby fashionistas, you can pick up an asymmetrical sesson.

indian baby girl hair cutting styles


A suitable haircut for girls with thin hair gives the hair a visual volume. But it’s good for thick hair. The short flight of stairs can ooze with different bangs design options.

A good master will help you choose the best option for your little princess.

3 year baby girl haircut haircuts for 9 year olds girl


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