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15 Wolf Cuts for Females in 2022

The frightening name hides a very spectacular and beautiful hairstyle behind it. Invented at the beginning of the last century, it has come down to us in its original form. The eighties gave the styling new life. Pop and movie stars often appeared in public, shining with a colorful “she-wolf”. Close to the cascade style, the “she-wolf” haircut has distinctive features. Uneven strands similar to wolf hair make the mistress of the haircut look like a predator that has gone hunting. Brave and self-confident girls are very much in the face.

What does the hairstyle look like?

Popular styling cannot be called, very few people have heard of it, and hairdressers shrug their shoulders when they hear about the client’s desire to make a “she-wolf” hairstyle.

At first glance, randomly trimmed curls are skillfully styled into a beautiful hairstyle. The front strands effectively frame the oval of the face. The hair on the back of the head is processed in steps and consists of fine strands of various lengths. A hairstyle is done with and without bangs, suitable for any type of face.

wolf cut hair female wolfcut hairstyle

General description

The haircut got its name because of the association with the bristled head of a wolf. The fur of the furious beast lies in ragged teeth. The hairs are tousled, sticking out in different directions. The length of the wolf’s hair gradually increases from the crown to the neck.

The association with the wolf is not accidental. It was this beast with bristled hair and a formidable grin that was most often seen in the form of drawings on the clothes and bodies of rockers. The mixture of love of freedom with aggression, inherent in wolf nature, was reflected in the name of the haircut.

Initially, the “Wolf” was made handicraft: the rockers, independently or with the help of like-minded people, cut off the hair with torn strands. This gave the image of carelessness. Later, the desire to imitate idols made the haircut format popular. They began to turn to hairdressers to create a hairstyle similar to the withers of a wolf.

The professional performance of the haircut is based on the existing version of Gavroche and ladder. The hairdresser shortens the crown of the head greatly. The length is added in steps. Multilayer borders are not smooth. Ideally, the hairstyle looks torn.

korean wolf cut hair korean wolf cut

Styling advantages

Considering the photo of the “she-wolf” haircut, we can say with confidence that this hairstyle has great potential:

  • You can create a haircut on curls of various lengths.
  • Looks good on highlighted hair.
  • The age range is not limited.
  • On its basis, you can create a large number of types and options.
  • Any bangs are suitable: straight, long, asymmetrical.
  • Visually creates increased hair volume.
  • It emphasizes the beautiful features of the face and visually corrects minor imperfections.
  • It does not take long to lay.

There are a few disadvantages, but you need to familiarize yourself with them:

  • An incorrectly done haircut cannot be fixed. You can find a shorter option.
  • It is difficult to find a specialist who owns the she-wolf haircut technique.
  • Hair correction should be done every three weeks.

hairstyle wolf cut korean wolf cut female

Do I need to do a “wolf” hairstyle? Who is not suitable?

Not very popular, but incredibly effective haircut “she-wolf” gives the image of girl courage, a slight touch of aggression, and individuality. But unfortunately, not all fashionistas can wear such styling:

  • Curly beauties will need to make every effort to give the styling the desired look. We’ll have to work hard on straightening the curls. But not the fact that everything will turn out perfect. Going to the hairdresser to correct your hairstyle will become a habit.
  • For girls with an oval face of an elongated shape, a haircut can only harm. But if the desire to shine as a “she-wolf” is not lost, an experienced stylist can help. He will advise you to change the color of the curls, create additional volume in the right places and make the correct framing of the face with strands.
  • Women with a triangular face are also not advised to do this hairstyle. But you can compromise and grow longer hair. Preferably below the shoulder blades, then the desired effect will be achieved.

When there are no options for creating a haircut, you can try styles close to the “she-wolf” – cascade or rhapsody.

fox haircut female layer wolf cut hair

Suitable for whom and who not

This haircut will suit any lady. The only limitation is the style of clothing. “She-wolf” will not suit shy women and lovers of a classic look. It is best to combine styling with styles such as grunge, punk, street-casual. The hairstyle will go well with hair of any length and structure.

No matter how beautiful this haircut is in itself, no matter how it harmonizes with the inner worldview, there are cases when it is objectively not to your face. Will not work under the following conditions:

wolf cut long hair wolf cut squid game

  • Girls with curly hair will have to make a lot of effort to maintain the shape of the haircut. Perhaps, for a start, it is worth doing a keratin hair straightening or using an iron every day. But finely curly curls will not be able to reflect all the charm of this hairstyle, expressed in sharp protruding strands. But a large wave of hair, on the contrary, will give the haircut more expressiveness and charm;
  • The hairstyle looks very advantageous when its owner has a round or square face shape and wide cheekbones since due to the voluminous top, outlines close to oval are optically created. Therefore, if the face is naturally elongated, the silhouette of a haircut can disturb the harmony. However, an experienced stylist will help to find a compromise in this case too: for example, he will suggest changing the color of the hair or its length, adjusting the volume of the hair on the crown and back of the head, creating color glare using coloring or highlighting, and so on;
  • For girls with a narrow triangular face, the “she-wolf” will go only for long hair, or at least a length slightly below the collarbones;
  • Obvious asymmetry of the face is also a reason to listen to the stylist if he recommends a different hairstyle with smoother lines.

If despite any efforts, the hairstyle does not fit, does not harmonize with the face, and does not please the soul, it will not work to remake it for the close-in silhouette “cascade”, “debut” or “Rhapsody” Rhapsodythe shortened strands in the cheekbones, and the situation will be saved only by a short haircut.

The she-wolf haircut looks good on both thick and very thin hair, straight and wavy, lush and smooth. It can be adapted for both young and mature ages.

In general, the hairstyle is quite versatile and emphasizes the individuality of its owner, making her charming, attractive, a little predatory, and creating a stylish, free, relaxed, and feminine image. Once having tried on this image, you will not want to part with it.

power haircut female star haircut female

Methods of styling haircuts “wolf”

A complex-looking, but easy-to-style haircut significantly saves the time of its mistress in the morning, when there are a lot of things to do. Girls who are always late for work dream of looking dignified, but not spending a lot of time on it. Today there are many styling options. The imagination and daring of experiments amaze the imagination. Here are some ways to style your hair:

  • Apply a small amount of gel to the curls from the middle to the ends. The result is spectacular and unexpectedly beautiful. The ends of the strands are pointed and slightly predatory. Very little time is spent.
  • Apply a styling product to short hair, create a chaotic effect with your hands and secure with varnish.
  • A good result is achieved by ironing, you can create light waves on the curls.
  • Twist the wet strands with a massage brush in the right direction, dry them with a hairdryer and treat them with varnish a little. This can add romance to the image.

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