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90s Hairstyles for Women in 2022

The fashion of the 90s was unique and unrepeatable. However, the styling and hairstyles of that time today again return to our lives. At first, they were shown by models on the catwalks, but today they can often be seen on ordinary streets. What hairstyles should be remembered and recreated on yourself, and which ones should be completely forgotten – read below.

Characteristic Features of 90s Hairstyles

Russia, especially in the early 90s, was different from many countries. It is a wide variety of women’s hairstyles. Our compatriots could easily be identified precisely by their styling. The main types of hairstyles were:

  • huge ponytails on the top of the head with a pile, while the ends of the hair could either easily hang down from their ponytail, or be tucked inside an elastic band;
  • curls of various sizes and diameters;
  • thick bangs laid up, sideways or just straight;
  • torn ends;
  • huge fleece;
  • negligence and carelessness;
  • lightness and romance;
  • the presence of strands of hair colored in unusually bright and sometimes even poisonous neon colors.

90s short bob bob 90s short hair pixie 90s short hair women's 90's short hairstyles

Of course, do not forget about the abundance of varnish. Their hair was generously watered until the hair became just stone. If a special styling product was not at hand, then a highly concentrated sugar syrup was made at home and already sprinkled with it.

The fashion of the 90s dictated harsh conditions: the brighter and more unusual the styling was, the more modern and sophisticated the girl was considered. At the same time, the fashion for women of the older generation was usually dictated by actresses from foreign TV series, or rather, their on-screen heroines. The youth acted according to the principle: the brighter and more unusual, the better.

Both ordinary people and pop stars wore fashionable hairstyles. But today, looking at most of their styling, it simply does not fit in my head – how could this even be done!

90s hairstyles 90s makeup short hair styles

However, even though fashion trends have changed a lot, today the style of the 90s is again at the peak of popularity. But in order not to miscalculate, you need to choose the right options for hairstyles and their styling.

The great advantage of hairstyles of the last century for girls is the fact that among them you can easily choose styling for both long and short hair. The main thing is to make the right choice, and then the hairstyle from the last century will look fashionable and relevant again, and most importantly – it will help to emphasize the dignity of the face, neck, and décolleté.

For short hair

Whoever said anything, but in the 90s, short haircuts were also very popular among women. In particular thanks to the amazing Demi Moore. But do not think that having a small hair length, it is impossible to create a unique styling of the last century. There are several options.

  • Smooth styling. To do this, the wet hair was dried by combing with a large round brush from crown to forehead. The hair at the temples and back of the head was left straight. A big plus of such styling is the speed and simplicity of creation, and most importantly, there was no need to use any fixing means.
  • Disheveled. Simple and quick hairstyle. Dry hair with a hairdryer, while the strands of hair are lifted all over the head. When the curls are completely dry, beat them again with your fingertips and carefully spray with varnish. It is important here not to overflow the styling products – otherwise, you will not get a light and beautiful ruffle, but a pile of straw on your head.
  • Bulky styling and smooth bangs. A trend is suitable for older women and those who are slightly overweight. Using a hairdryer and a round comb, the hair is thoroughly dried, lifting it at the roots. The bangs, on the contrary, are not wrapped around a comb but pulled out. Volume on the entire surface of the head, and especially on the crown, allows you to stretch the oval of the face, and smooth bangs only emphasize the beauty of the eyes and cheekbones.
  • Wet effect. This short hair styling is similar to the first option. The only difference is that the hair is first lubricated with hair gel, varnish, or sugar syrup, and only then combed. A hairdryer is not used in this case.

90s grunge bob haircut choppy 90s bob female 90s short hair grunge 90s hairstyles short hairstyles of the 80s

Medium length

For owners of medium curls, the scope for creating styling in the style of the last century is much wider. Hair coloring will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Status. Many people think that this is a newfangled phenomenon, but this is far from the case. In the mid-90s of the last century, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Anniston walked with such coloring. Today, when choosing status, you should give preference to the most natural tones and colors.
  • The bright coloring of individual strands. Hair curls with a width of 2 to 4 cm are dyed in a wide variety of colors – yellow, green, red, or orange.
  • Highlighting. And again, the trend is not modern, but from the end of the last century. But if earlier the strands were only lightened, today they can be darkened on the contrary. It all depends on personal preference.

shoulder length 90s short hair androgynous 90s pixie cut jaw length 90s bob haircut short 90s bob

Now let’s talk about styling. There are three simple rules to remember here: volume, splendor, and height.

These three factors were decisive in the creation of styling.

The most popular and striking representatives of the hairstyles of that time were the following.

  • Perm. There are many variations here – from many small curls to large and flowing curls. For women of more mature age, smooth curls of medium size are recommended, and for young girls, African volume can be created.
  • The Malvina styling has been very popular since the mid-90s. The bangs were lightly combed and tied at the top of the head with a thin elastic band, while the rest of the strands simply framed the face. Such styling is timeless and spaceless, its creation does not take much time and effort, and does not require the use of styling products.
  • Fleece: the higher and more voluminous it is, the better. With special diligence, they combed the hair on the crown and the sides of the head, and then slightly smoothed them. As a result, the styling was very lush and noticeable from afar.
  • Hairstyle “Little devil”. To create it, you need to tie many small ponytails all over the head – they should stick out in different directions. In the early 90s, such a hairstyle was especially relevant not only among the female population of Russia but also among young guys.
  • Bangs-roller. The emphasis in this hairstyle is focused precisely on the strands that cover the forehead. The bangs were twisted onto a large round comb and dried with a hairdryer – as a result, a roller was obtained, which was fixed with varnish. The rest of the curls were either collected in a tailor in a bun.
  • Windproof bangs – especially loved by young girls. To do this, the strands on the forehead were lightly combed and laid on one side, and then abundantly watered with varnish or sugar syrup. Thus, it turned out that the bangs were combed to one side and strongly raised at the roots. This styling of bangs was used for loose hair or gathered in a ponytail.

grunge 90s pixie cut grunge 90s short hair layered 90s bob

Also, owners of medium-length hair loved simple romantic masonry. To create it, the ends of the strands, framing the face, were twisted with a large round comb inward towards the face. The bangs, if any, were either laid on one side, also twisting the ends inward, or fixed at the top with an elastic band, as in the Malvina hairstyle.


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